Gaja   Sori San Lorenzo

2002 Sori San Lorenzo

By Gaja

2002 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

The 2002 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja is a testament to the legendary pedigree of this renowned winemaker in the hallowed grounds of Barbaresco in Italy's Piedmont region.


Weathering the storm with Italian finesse

During a year that was characterized by unusually wet weather and cool conditions, Gaja demonstrated definitive mastery by crafting a vintage renowned for its elegance and longevity. Despite these climatic challenges, they succeeded in producing a Barbaresco that has aged beautifully, personifying the conviction that great winemaking can transcend any difficulties thrown by a capricious Mother Nature.

The testament of time and patience has allowed this distinctive wine to exhibit its inherent elegance, offering fine wine investors ample justification for their trust. The 2002 vintage of Sorì San Lorenzo showcases remarkable purity and breathtaking complexity, bound together by an ethereal balance.


Italian refinement from challenging conditions

The initial bouquet is a harmonious blend of ripe red fruit, floral undertones and delicate spice – characteristics often associated with perfectly ripened Nebbiolo from this region. This sets the stage for a palate that is well-structured and full-bodied; layered notes of cherry, blackberry and plum are flawlessly punctuated with hints of truffle and tobacco, capturing the quintessence of Barbaresco in every sip. All these attributes dramatize why fine wines from Italy continue to captivate discerning palates worldwide.

The gripping structure of the 2002 Sorì San Lorenzo lays a promising foundation for future value escalation, making it invaluable within any wine investment portfolio. The expressive display of depth and balanced elegance underscores Gaja's reputation for consistent excellence in winemaking, regardless of the vagaries of climate.

To be possessed by an opportunity to imbibe the 2002 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja is undoubtedly a privilege, and to invest in such a fine specimen brings the enjoyment far beyond the confines of a singular tasting experience. This vintage is more than a simple pursuit of pleasure; it is an affirmation of faith in the enduring value of impeccably crafted Italian wines.

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