Gaja   Sori San Lorenzo

2009 Sori San Lorenzo

By Gaja

2009 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

As one reclines into the opulent embrace of the 2009 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, it is almost an imperative to pause and appreciate the intricate tapestry of this fine wine. A true stalwart in the canvas of Italian wines, Gaja has created a vintage that effortlessly intertwines depth and elegance.


A vintage of composure and complexity

In 2009, Piedmont experienced climatic idiosyncrasies that shaped a defining year for vines on these revered slopes. A warm summer concertized by timely rains resulted in a vintage that let Gaja paint with a truly vibrant palette of flavors.

With each sip of the 2009 Sorì San Lorenzo, you encounter an eloquent testament to Gaja's understanding of both vintage character and terroir expression. The profile is propelled by dark fruits, laced with intricate whispers of liquoriceness and refined tannins, culminating in a crescendo of broad persistence on the palate.


An investment in Italian virtuosity

The 2009 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja is more than just a tipple. It stands as a resonant symbol of how vintage variance can be masterfully captured and magnified into an exemplar representation of the region's distinct typicity.

Investing in this Italian grandeur ensures not just a cellar enrichment but an experience akin to owning a slice of Italian viticultural excellence. It bears testament to your appreciation of fine wines while marking the wisdom in recognizing and investing in singular vintages that distinctly express their time and place.


Summary: Capturing a moment in wine

If ever there was a bottle that encapsulated the serenade of the seasons, the dance of the soils, and the whispered promise inherent in the vine, it is this. The 2009 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja is that compelling conversation between vine and year, awe-inspiringly captured in a bottle. A charm to possess, a treasure to invest in, and always, a delight to uncork.

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Gaja’s 2009 Sori San Lorenzo, on the other hand, is much more typical in its expression. Layers of juicy dark cherries, menthol, spices, tar, licorice and graphite flow across the palate as this powerful, masculine wine opens up in the glass. Balsamic infused aromas and flavors develop in the glass, adding considerable complexity and the signature of this great terroir, indisputably one of Piemonte’s very finest. Anticipated maturity: 2019-2039. Angelo Gaja doesn’t say too much about his wines these days. He doesn’t need to. The wines more than speak for themselves. What impresses me most about the 2009s is the elegance of their tannin. This is a vintage where managing the crop load was critical in achieving balance. Gaja is one of the very few growers who got it right. His wines stand out for their textural finesse and sense of harmony. Although Gaja is easily the most glamorous winery in Piedmont, it remains a family affair, with Angelo Gaja’s wife Lucia, and their daughters Gaia and Rossana increasingly involved, and their younger brother Giovanni set to follow in their footsteps. Long-time winemaker Guido Rivella keeps a much lower profile, but he is the man who has produced all of Gaja’s most legendary wines going back to 1970. Angelo Gaja describes 2009 as a year with a lot of rain until June. The bunches on average were loose and the berries small, which resulted in high skin-to-juice ratios, which is quite favorable for ageworthy wines. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604 8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2012

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