Gaja   Sori San Lorenzo

2015 Sori San Lorenzo

By Gaja

The 2015 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja: A Finesse and Focus Harmony

For those wine enthusiasts with a penchant for Italian excellence, prepare to be thoroughly enthralled by the 2015 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, a wine that elegantly consolidates the virtue of its revered producer, the storied elegance of Piedmont, and the satisfaction potential of fine wine investment.


A Testament to a Remarkable Vintage

There is no denying the allure encompassed in a conversation about the stellar 2015 vintage. This year was distinguished by an epic summer heatwave lovingly christened 'Lucifer', which brought mercilessly scorching conditions. Seemingly adverse, these dramatic weather conditions were cleverly tamed to carve out some highly unique flavour profiles in the fine wines from Italy that vintage.

The 2015 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja benefits enormously from this intense vintage, resulting in a wine layered with seductive complexity. With notes of ripe dark fruit dusted with spicy undertones on the nose give way to well-focused black cherry and plum flavours on the palate.


Gaja's Artful Crafting

This Italian gem continues to pay homage to its vintage prowess not only in its flavour but also in its structure. The assertive tannins frame the abundance of fruit sensations ensuring longevity and truly sculpting this offering from Gaja as a first-rate collectable masterpiece for astute wine investors.

The meticulous crafting which Gaja is renowned for encapsulates a true symbiosis between finesse and power, rendering this Nebbiolo as one of Italy's compelling oenological narratives in 2015.


A Wine Investment Beacon

To miss out on the 2015 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja is to overlook a veritable titan in the Italian wine investment space. As one might expect from such a statured producer exploiting a favored vintage, this jewel also showcases austere longevity, ensuring wine investors will glean pleasure and value from it for many years yet to unfurl.

Indeed, in the canon of fine Italian wines, the 2015 Sorì San Lorenzo—from taste to texture, nose to finish—constitutes an investment opportunity as superbly rounded as its impeccable bouquet.

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This celebrated vineyard site has more magnesium in its soils and that may be why you get such a strong mineral note. The 2015 Barbaresco Sorì San Lorenzo offers a complex bouquet with dark fruit, crushed mineral and grilled herb. This wine is very robust in terms of structure and therefore needs extra time in the bottle before it finds its proverbial sweet spot. You need patience to reap those excellent benefits. Drink after 2022.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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