Gaja   Sori San Lorenzo

2016 Sori San Lorenzo

By Gaja

2016 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, Italy

In the opulent, yet meticulously-crafted narrative of Italian viticulture, the 2016 Sorì San Lorenzo from the winemaking maestro, Gaja, pens a chapter of extraordinary depth and complexity. This tale originates in the esteemed wine-producing region, Piedmont — home to patriots of famous Nebbiolo grape.


An Exemplary Testament to Exceptional Climatic Conditions

The climatically-blessed vintage of 2016 proved to be a joyously memorable year for Gaja’s vineyards. The perfect unfolding of a cool winter followed by a warm spring and a temperate, ample-fruit-bearing summer sculpted a remarkable backdrop for the birth of this fine wine.

Resultantly, the 2016 Sorì San Lorenzo unleashed its enchanting symphony of black fruit melody intertwined with blue floral notes over an orchestra of minerally freshness and spiced oak subtleties; a testament to the influence this particular vintage bears on fine wines from Italy.


A Sophisticated Investment Potential Hidden in Sapphire Depths

Aligning alignment with its terroir twin—Sorì Tildìn—the 2016 Sorì San Lorenzo savours its distinct imprint in this curvaceous dance of land and vines. Imbibing rich loamy soil-flavours while it challenges the balancing act between opulence and energy, this fine wine from Gaja speaks volumes about its long-term investment potential.

Neodymium-tinted afterglow fluorescently marks the gliding transition to a finish so lengthy, it seems to defy time itself. These silken streams bear testament to age-worthy tannins that promise decades of pleasure for even the most discerning collector or investor.


Concluding Notes: The Signature of a Timeless Maestro

The 2016 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja is an elegant fusion of winemaking prowess and Mother Nature’s serendipitous pat — a très jolie mélange in the world of fine wines. As a collector or investor, this vintage reserves its spot proudly amongst quintessential, ever-rewarding vinous treasures.

Utilizing its ripe echo from 2016, this robust and resilient Nebbiolo blend immortalises the delicate line between bountiful fruit expression and firm structural balance. This symphony encapsulates exactly what fine wine investment dreams are made of.

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If the Barbaresco Costa Russi expresses itself with purity and grace, the 2016 Barbaresco Sorì San Lorenzo struts out stacked and tall. It has firmer textural support and is not as timid or as withholding as the Costa Russi. The Sorì San Lorenzo site is located closest to the warm air currents that travel down the Tanaro River valley, and this vineyard site is always the first to ripen and be harvested. You get a stronger mineral note here with iron rust, pencil shaving and potting soil intertwined with the primary fruit, showing dazzlingly intricate complexity and depth. This vineyard site suffered in the 2017 vintage from some hail damage that hit on July 19. The quality of fruit is expected to be good, Gaia Gaja tells me, but yields will be reduced next year.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 8 August 2019

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