Gaja   Sori San Lorenzo

2017 Sori San Lorenzo

By Gaja

2017 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

The year 2017 will linger in the memory of those who had an olfactory encounter with the magnificent Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja. Ardent investors and oenophiles reveled in its layered intricacies, charmed by the beckoning whispers of a fruitful year from the highly esteemed vineyards of Piedmont, Italy.


Strike with the wine iron while it's hot

Nobody defied the odds quite like Angelo Gaja did. In harnessing and mastering the terroir challenges of 2017, Gaja drew critics and investors toward a wine that solidifies trust in the magnetism of proper investment management. And that wine happened to be the 2017 Sorì San Lorenzo.

This fine vintage quickly buried any doubts as to its caliber with an unfathomable depth of complexity and dimension emanating from every sip. It sports a chiseled finesse, seamlessly binding ripe Nebbiolo fruit with bold tannins – an audacious dance invitingly captured in a glass.


Intense flavor burst amidst trying climate

The climatic conditions of 2017 bore an intense summer, challenging for many, yet rewarding for those patient enough to see it through. And reward it did, with the San Lorenzo vineyard gushing out a vintage that pontificates tales of warm sunshine on mature Nebbiolo grapes executing a harmonious partnership with disciplined viticulture.

This multilayered red boasts fresh dark fruit notes adeptly punctuated by herbal accents. Savory tones harmonize effortlessly with hints of licorice and spice, crafting a lasting memory on the palate.

The 2017 Sorì San Lorenzo from Gaja epitomizes the adage that true gems are fashioned under pressure. Shining as a beacon of resilient filmmaking amidst climatic adversities, Gaja has unquestionably staked its claim in the annals of wine history.

For investors and collectors alike, this is a fine selection from Italy, holding unexplored cellaring potential whilst promising significant return on investment. Seize the moment to experience this vibrant expression of timeless artistry and commitment to excellence – for the 2017 Sorì San Lorenzo is one to be remembered.

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The 2017 growing season saw a couple of violent hail events in the Barbaresco appellation, and this celebrated vineyard suffered some damage during a storm that hit on July 19th. Yields were reduced, but the wine holds its own thanks to the careful fruit selection process put in place by the Gaja family. Their 2017 Barbaresco Sorì San Lorenzo is a shade richer in terms of flavor concentration, as is always the case with fruit from this slightly warmer growing site. However, like the other two single-vineyard Barbaresco expressions, this wine reveals a thin, sharp and nervous personality that is driven in large part by tannic firmness and acidity. Sorì San Lorenzo adds lots of dark mineral definition to cassis, wild cherry, rose and Provence herbs. Like the other wines, it needs extra cellar aging time.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2020

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