Gaja   Sori Tildin

1999 Sori Tildin

By Gaja

1999 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja, Langhe, Italy

In the realm of the sublime, 1999 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja holds a distinct stature. This Italian fine wine originates from Piedmont's undulating hills, born under Gaja's dedicated care, an iconic producer whose reputation is built on stylistic elegance and commitment to quality.


A blend of artistry and terroir

The 1999 vintage is an homage to traditional winemaking philosophy combined with a deep understanding of Langhe's unique terroir. The wine is anchored by Nebbiolo – the grape that adds opulent structure and intensity, a narrative written in bold strokes of potent red fruited composition.

1999 was a year that beckoned temperate climatic endowment, a tale of perfect rainfall and sunshine ratio. The late-season warmth and cool nights allowed the Nebbiolo grapes to reach evocative maturation levels, ensuring a superior vintage.


Harmonious complexity

The 1999 Sorì Tildìn is definable by its trademark harmony – a play of strong but eloquent tannins married perfectly with persistent acidity. It teases with an aromatic bouquet of crushed rose petals, truffle undertones, and savory nuances before unveiling pulsating layers of ripe cherries and plums.

The length on this wine is lingering, leading towards an ethereal culmination that only Italian fine wines can hint at their peak. This vintage is one of Gaja’s more alluring compositions and can continue to improve its success story within your cellars for years to come. For investors looking for predictability, high performance and long-lasting returns, the 1999 Sorì Tildìn poses as one of the best propositions in fine wine investments.

In conclusion, the romance of Italy is flawlessly encapsulated in a bottle of the 1999 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja, a testament to the skills of Gaja married to an enviably gifted vintage. As a thoughtful investor who cherishes wines endowed with grace and longevity, your collections could scarcely be complete without this vestige of Langhe's rich heritage.

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The 1999 Sori Tildin, is notably more powerful on the nose and more complex as well, with balsamic and resin sensations to accompany the mocha and vanilla. Rounder and ampler than Costa Russi, it is concentrated, sumptuous, and sensual as well as long and fresh on the development and finish. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2018. Importer: Paterno Imports, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-89000

Daniel Thomases - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2003

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