Gaja   Sori Tildin

2000 Sori Tildin

By Gaja

2000 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja, Italy

Gaja, one of the emblems of uniquely fine wines from Italy, masterfully delivers a profound expression of complexity and elegance in the 2000 Sorì Tildìn. Angelo Gaja's meticulous pursuit of perfection is pronounced in this beguiling vintage that spoils an investor's palate with a beautiful combination of power and finesse.


The Sumptuous Splendour of Sorì Tildìn

Heralding from the Piemonte region, the 2000 Sorì Tildìn is an astonishingly rich Nebbiolo that benefits from the microclimate and unique soil composition of the celebrated Sorì Tildìn vineyard. This majestic offering clearly emphasizes Gaja’s innovative viticultural techniques and precision winemaking.

The intrepid wine investor will appreciate the curious pleasure this vintage offers - it is wonderfully layered with notes of ripe black fruit, tar, mineral nuances, and exotic spice. Silky tannins weaved with notably fresh acidity give way to a lasting finish that is both aromatic and grand.


The Impact of the Millennium Year on Italian Wines

The year 2000 was a uniquely varied one for Italian wines, oscillating between warmer temperatures and periodic rains during harvest time. Yet, Gaja managed to navigate these climatic swings masterfully, capturing every intriguing facet in their 2000 Sorì Tildìn.

This impressive wine showcases the attributes of each grape harvested during a particularly diverse year, revealing an enigmatic vinous tapestry that's sure to delight a savvy investor seeking complexity and poised evolution over time.

This illustration of an enchanting moment in the annals of Italian viticulture demonstrates why 2000 Sorì Tildìn is considered one of the superb fine wines emerging during this Millennium year. The poise, balance, and sophisticated beauty of this reliable investment demonstrate that it's not just a wine, but a work of art that ages with grace and provides long-term value for investors.

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The 2000 Sori Tildin is like cashmere on the palate. Sweet red berries, flowers, mint and spices flow effortlessly from this beautifully detailed, nuanced wine. The Sori Tildin shows attractive freshness and gorgeous balance from start to finish. It is easily one of the finer wines of the vintage. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2030. Angelo Gaja’s 2000s are a bit of a mystery. The wines were absolutely beautiful upon release and equally impressive when I tasted them a few years later for the 7th edition of Parker’s Wine Buyers Guide. The 2000s were far less convincing when I tasted them in November 2010. All of the wines were initially very reticent and closed. After an hour or two in the glass they opened for about 30 minutes before closing back down again. Gaja thinks the wines are passing through a stage of inaccessibility. If anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt it is Gaja. I can’t remember the last older wine from this cellar that was a disappointment or that hadn’t aged well, and I have been privileged to taste the vast majority of wines that have been made here under Angelo Gaja’s tenure. Time will ultimately tell where these wines are headed, but this was not an especially flattering showing for Gaja’s 2000s. That said, most producers would be thrilled to have wines like these in their cellars. In some ways, Gaja is a victim of his own success. He sets such a high bar with his finest vintages; it is only natural to expect greatness all the time. The 2000s fall a bit short of that mark but are quite strong in the context of the year.

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011

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