Gaja   Sori Tildin

2018 Sori Tildin

By Gaja

An Ode to the 2018 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja

When one thinks of Langhe, Italy, images of robust nebbiolo wines with ample complexity fill the imagination. Today, we delve into the widely-respected and indisputably impeccable 2018 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja that is forging a fresh path in the fine wines of Italy.


A Journey Across The Palate

For four decades, we've seen exquisite and memorable moments captured in the wines of Gaja, and their 2018 release only amplifies this connection. A complex blend of vibrancy and serenity, the 2018 Sorì Tildìn embodies its terroir with eloquence, marrying the unique topography and climatic idiosyncrasies of Langhe to yield a truly transcendent expression.

Smooth cherry notes flit playfully on the tongue as lashings of anise and sweet spices seep in with unexpected depth and fervour. The tactile finesse is unmistakably Gajan.


A Vintage As Unique As Its Surrounds

Many fine wine investors are intrigued by Italy's 2018 vintage due to an unusual growing season marked by conditions that oscillated between extremes: From a cool spring to burning summer heat, this year saw nature unfurl its unpredictable dance.

The southeast-facing position of Sorì Tildìn vineyard bestowed it an edge, allowing the wine to harness energy from generous sunlight exposure for ripening whilst being sheltered from excessive heat. This microclimate produced grapes that reveal a surprising subtlety in flavour profiles.

Amid this rural ballet, Gaja's esteemed winemaking savoir-faire finessed these disparate notes into harmonious symphony, capturing elements of the vintage's extreme nature to create an investment-worthy, standout selection among fine wines.


The Verdict

To sip the 2018 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja is to take a sensory expedition through the hills of Langhe. It’s a wine that bears the intrepid spirit of its vintage and marks another success in the illustrious journey of Gaja.

The final impression lingers like an imprint of this adventurous year, a remarkable expression, encapsulating both its unique tribulations and resounding victories. This exceptional snapshot of Langhe offers investors not just a tasting experience but an opportunity to partake in a rhapsody worthy of every prestigious cellar.

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