Antinori   Solaia

2016 Solaia

By Antinori

2016 Solaia from Antinori, Tuscany, Italy

The 2016 Solaia from Antinori stands as a testament to the exalted reputation of its Tuscan lineage. Unveiling nature's largesse, the fine wines of Italy have been blessed with yet another gem. This remarkable vintage hails from a year that showcased a vibrant equilibrium between radiant summers and substantial rainfall, leading to a ripening period that was long and steady, giving way to magnificent fruit.


A vintage worthy of the cellars of discerning investors

The 2016 vintage posed itself as a momentous event for Italian wines, solidifying their dominance on the global stage as one of the prized go-to vinters for fine wine enthusiasts and investors alike. The Antinori family, with their illustrious history dating back centuries, have rooted themselves in mastery and finesse, reflected exceptionally well in the expression of this 2016 Solaia.

Unfolding luxuriant layers of blackcurrant intertwined with nuances of tobacco and spice, the bouquet sets a captivating prelude to the theatrics that this full-bodied liquid has in store.


Empowering climate, elating wine

The climatic conditions of 2016, combined with Tuscany’s illustrious terroir, created a vintage deeper than merely time and season. The resplendence of contours displayed by the layers of Cabernet Sauvignon with Petit Verdot infuses an air of mystery and strength into this noble blend. It challenges and intrigues with opulent tannins that court the palate steadily towards an elegant finish.

This idyllic composition bathes the soul in an experience that confirms why Antinori is considered one of Italy’s prodigious winemakers. The all-encompassing excellence of this wine underpins it as an investable tour-de-force in the realm of fine wines.

Witnessing the harmonious partnership of sophistication and bold assertiveness, the 2016 Solaia is a declaration that the wines from Antinori are a marriage of art and alchemy. A testimony to all oenophiles that every sip is but a journey- evoking passion akin to symphonies echoing through Tuscan vineyards.

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I fussed over scoring this wine more than I'd like to admit—tasting through three samples under different conditions at various intervals and testing my impressions blind against wines in its peer group. Most importantly, I tasted this 2016 vintage against the 2015 vintage over and over again. I confess to a few nights of restless sleep as a result. Ultimately, my decision to award 100 points to the 2016 Solaia came on impulse and with the most natural sense of purpose. I had also given the 2015 vintage a perfect score, and intellectually, it seemed impossible not to pick a favorite among these two stunning expressions. I will also state, outright, that the wines are very different, principally because the 2015 vintage shows more overall opulence and sweetness that extends to the pronounced textural richness of the mouthfeel. The 2016 vintage, on the other hand, is more chiseled and sharp with mineral shadings of campfire ash and graphite at the rim of its dark fruit. The mouthfeel is more streamlined and tight at its core, suggesting that the wine will unfold and soften beautifully with time. I feel like 2015 is the Dolce & Gabbana of the situation and the 2016 is the Armani Privé. The personalities of the two wines are distinct, yet my admiration for each is identical.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 19 September 2019

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