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2016 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

2016 Penfolds Grange by Penfolds, Australia

The 2016 Grange from Penfolds is an experience of collective appreciation that leaves no room to hide its defining remark. The year was marked by near-perfect seasonal conditions that brought forth a kaleidoscope of intricately woven flavour profiles definitive to this showpiece Australian vintage.


Crafted in Australia's iconic style

A harmonious blend of 98% Shiraz and 2% Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2016 Grange is the fruit of historic Magill Estate and Barossa Valley vineyards. This carefully constructed blend reflects Penfolds' steadfast commitment to innovation and unsurpassable quality.

Luxuriant layers of black fruit merge with fragrant notes of thyme, oven-baked spices, and cured meats. This intricate layering captures the particularities of the 2016 climate in Australia, a year epitomized by moderate summer temperatures and lower rainfall.


A Viable Vintage Investment

Embodying masterful expertise in viticulture and vinification, this wine presents a compelling investment proposition for global derivatives markets. Its harmonious structure coupled with complex intricacies further bolsters its market standing.


Laying down a Legacy

The dynamic personality of the 2016 Grange from Penfolds is predisposed for exceptional maturation. Let it slumber beneath cool cellar conditions, and over the years watch it rise like a phoenix in your investment portfolio as the tannins soften into graceful complexity.

The allure lies not only within its immense drinking pleasure but also its potential to provide a lucrative return on investment. Its commanding presence within the globally recognised trading platforms underscores its reputation as one of Australia’s unparalleled fine wines.

2016 Penfolds Grange is not just a vintage, it is a narrative of Australia's viticultural pedigree, a symbol of determination and a significant wealth creation asset. The prestige it carries in the fine wine investment community mirrors the immersive drinking experience it offers - an unrivalled journey infused with the soul of Australia.

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