Chapoutier   Ermitage le Pavillon

2018 Ermitage le Pavillon

By Chapoutier

2018 Ermitage le Pavillon from Chapoutier, Rhone, Rest of the World

The 2018 Ermitage le Pavillon from Chapoutier comes as a timeless masterpiece tracing its roots to the sun-washed soils of Rhone. Subtle cues of the region's uniqueness resonate through this wine, instilled within it by the hand of nature and the meticulous craftsmanship of Michel Chapoutier. A lifetime in wine has afforded me glimpses into countless vintages, yet the compelling character of this 2018 vintage compels me to regard it as a standout amongst its peers.


The Glory of the Grape, an Investment Par Excellence

The dexterously cultivated Syrah grape, indigenous to the Rhone Valley, finds stellar expression in this offering. Chapoutier's visionary stewardship melds seamlessly with an excellent harvest year such as 2018 to create a wine that is not just a beverage but an investment into sensorial pleasure.

The moment this magnificent potion meets your palate, you may find yourself privy to stunning intensity; a mash-up of blackberries and blueberries interspersed with hints of graphite adding a unique edge to its flavour profile.


Magical Maturation, Epicurean Elegance

For Rhone, 2018 unfurled as a bounteous year, blessed with ideal climatic conditions that played their part in fostering maturation and intensifying the grape flavours. Imprints of these climatic blessings echo in each sip, tracing an unforgettable sensorial journey.

This full-bodied Ermitage le Pavillon elegantly portrays what the Rhône valley is capable of producing: wines that are simultaneously powerful and intricate. With its age-worthy structure and layered complexity, one can consider this wine a sound investment.

This sui generis gem is not just a star within the Chapoutier portfolio but holds its ground as one of Rhône’s finest. Its layers unfold like a well-told narrative, each sip bringing forth new perspectives. As we raise a glass of 2018 Ermitage le Pavillon by Chapoutier, here's to the relentless pursuit of perfection and the elegance that a good year engenders.

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