Chapoutier   Ermitage lErmite

2019 Ermitage l'Ermite

By Chapoutier

2019 Ermitage l'Ermite by Chapoutier, Rhone

The 2019 Ermitage l'Ermite from Chapoutier strikes a harmonious chord like a seasoned musician. This Rhone maestro has an illustrious heritage that is embodied in each bottle and it manifests its fullest glory in this specific vintage.


A Masterpiece worth Investing

Famed for producing some of the finest expressions of Syrah, the House of Chapoutier has yet again composed a symphony in the form of the 2019 Ermitage l'Ermite. Its profound personality combined with Chapoutier’s dedication to biodynamic winemaking makes this vintage a rewarding investment choice for connoisseurs.

The bold use of Syrah grapes ensures a robust composition that dances effortlessly on the palate and leaves an impression long after your first sip, providing an unforgettable sensory signature.


2019, A year of Distinction in the Rhone Valley

There's magic in the air in the Rhone Valley during 2019 where the winemaking conditions were stellar. The meticulous interaction between terroir and climate has resulted in a vintage that stands apart from its predecessors and contemporaries.

The 2019 Ermitage l'Ermite from Chapoutier masterfully encapsulates this magical year. This vintage exudes distinct notes of velvety black fruits, intertwined with fragrant hints of violets, all undercut with a backbone of mineral elegance particular to its terroir.


Rhone’s petites parcelles rendered grandiose

In true Rhone fashion, the modest Syrah berries have become the vessels of an exhilarating flavour bouquet under Chapoutier’s artisanal finesse. This exemplary manifestation of vine-to-bottle craftsmanship earmarks 2019 Ermitage l'Ermite as one of the choicest expressions of Syrah from the Rhone region.

In having the rare insight to harness the unique climatic conditions of 2019, Chapoutier has succeeded in bolstering the Ermitage l'Ermite with an additional layer of complexity and depth, rendering it a radiant beacon amongst its peers and a promising addition to any astute investor's portfolio.

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