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1994 Screaming Eagle

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1994 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle, Napa Valley, USA

Transporting the essence of Californian winemaking, the 1994 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle is a mastery of enological craftsmanship. Honoring the traditions of a region famed for its nous in crafting blends that encapsulate the terroirs' true spirit, this vintage accurately embodies this ethos.


A vintage worthy of attention

Reflecting upon the maturation climate of 1994, we cannot ignore its influence on the Screaming Eagle's distinct character. The year began with a wet winter, bringing ample groundwater available to nourish the vines. A benevolent summer graced Napa Valley and allowed the grapes to ripen to an enviable perfection, imbuing them with dense flavors yet offering a stylish elegance.

The 1994 Screaming Eagle impresses with its palate charm: an elegant assemblage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. This prestigious blend encapsulates core varietal characteristics and provides an in-depth exploration of Napa Valley's pleasant eccentricities through each sip.


The appeal in investing

Fine wine investors seeking deep exposure to distinctly American artisanal winemaking should not overlook the merits of containing the 1994 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle within their collection. As fine wines from the USA continue to ascend in prominence and command respect on the global stage, it seemed only a matter of time for Screaming Eagle vintages to assert as crucial contributors to this balmy momentum.

The intriguing balance between robust intensity and controlled finesse that marks this vintage makes it an invaluable addition to any portfolio. Its outstanding lauded quality and subsequent desire across wine circles will likely prove beneficial over time.

In the finale, it's clear that the potential return on investment born from owning the 1994 Screaming Eagle is coupled with a genuine appreciation for an artisanal expression of Californian Cabernet at its finest. Exploring its many layers, deep complexity and thrillingly vibrant personality presents an illuminating journey into New World wines' heart.

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The 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon is performing even better this year than it was last. I still believe the 1995 has a slight edge, but that may be more noticeable 8-10 years from now than at present. The opaque purple-colored 1994's forward, gorgeously-scented nose offers up a smorgasbord of black fruits, along with a subtle dosage of toasty oak and minerals. Full-bodied, with a seamless, lush texture, this is a profoundly generous wine with everything going for it. The finish lasts for 35 seconds. As gorgeous as it is, this wine can be drunk young, or cellared for 20-25 years. What makes Screaming Eagle such an extraordinary wine is its remarkably sweet, lavishly rich, opulently-textured, super-extracted black currant and black cherry fruitiness. Moreover, they are admirably pure, layered, velvety, and accessible. As delicious as these wines are young, they should age for 20 or more years, because of their extraordinary equilibrium. As with so many of these wines, the only way to latch onto a bottle or two is to get on the winery's mailing list. Tel. (707) 944-0749; Fax (707) 944-9271

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 18 December 1997

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