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1995 Screaming Eagle

By Screaming Eagle

The 1995 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle, Napa Valley, USA

Nothing quite encapsulates the quintessence of Californian winemaking prowess like the 1995 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle. Celebrated for its remarkable fusion of precision and power, this golden vintage continues to bedazzle the discerning oenophiles and wine collectors, serving as a standard-bearer for fine wines from USA.


Eternal elegance, a remarkable investment opportunity

This stellar creation from Napa offers layers of depth and complexity that extend far beyond its name. It's a wine that beautifully mirrors the ideal harmony found in nature - bounty and restraint bundled together in an alluring paradox.

Every swirl of this crimson elixir in the glass releases a symphony of black cherry and wild berry aroma notes harmoniously intertwined with allusions of cedar and spice. Merely nosing this wine is an allegory of reading an intriguing novel with a striking plot twist at the end.


An exceptional year echoes in each sip

The climatic conditions in 1995 provided a fortuitous canvas for Napa's winemakers. A mild spring followed by an extended summer gave way to a prolonged ripening season, resulting in grapes teeming with an intriguing palette complexity while maintaining an envious structure.

Napa Valley has evidence of an exquisite year painted all over it, especially noticeable in this 1995 Screaming Eagle.

The 1995 Screaming Eagle dances gracefully on the palate with a seamless interplay between acidity and tannins. Rich dark fruit characters gracefully evolve into a spirited spice interlude before bowing out in a crescendo of plush textures and purity.

Renowned internationally for its prodigious aging potential, this stellar vintage from Screaming Eagle continues to impress with each passing year, enriching the narrative of not only its kind but the vast legacy of Californian viticulture itself. Investing in this exceptional display of balance and finesse will undoubtedly please both the palate and portfolio.

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The 1995 Cabernet Sauvignon is as close to a perfect wine as I could hope to taste. This opaque purple-colored wine exhibits a sensational purity of black currant fruit, intermixed with a notion of raspberries, violets, and well-disguised sweet vanillin. Full-bodied, with remarkable intensity, exquisite symmetry, and a mid-palate and finish to die for, this is a compelling, astonishingly seductive Cabernet Sauvignon that can be drunk now, or cellared for 20-25 years. I may have done this wine a disservice by not giving it the big 3-digit score. As I have tried so hard to articulate in past reviews, what makes these wines so stunning is the black currant/cassis fruit. Screaming Eagle may be the most extravagantly pure and rich expression of cassis one can find ... short of drinking cassis liqueur. There is an unbelievable purity to these wines, as well as phenomenal concentration and richness, yet in no sense are they heavy, ponderous, or out of balance. Tel. (707) 944-0749; Fax (707) 944-9271

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 1998

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