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2000 Screaming Eagle

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2000 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle

The 2000 vintage of the famed Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle is an expressive declaration of the vineyard's exceptional terroir and expertise in crafting undoubtedly investable vintages. It evokes a symphony of robust aromas and graceful flavours that enthrall both the palate and the intellect, making it arguably one of the finest wines from USA.


The Millennium Edition of an American Icon

The turn of the millennium was a spectacular year for fine American wines including Screaming Eagle. Their 2000 vintage reflects this perfectly with its splendid display of layered complexity. Whilst many vineyards grappled with unpredictable climatic conditions, Screaming Eagle harnessed the elements to their advantage, resulting in a vintage that stands as a testament to their patience and prowess.

Imbued with rich, dark fruits, alluring spices, and a whisper of luxurious oak undertone, this Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend performs a riveting dance between marvellous vibrancy and seamless refinement. It's like a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of cassis and blackberry, wild herbs, sweetened cocoa and seductively ripe tannins.


Aging Gracefully: The Investment Promise of 2000 Screaming Eagle

While already twenty years old, the 2000 Screaming Eagle shows no signs of weakening vitality. In fact, it has been suggested by many connoisseurs that it is gradually blossoming into an even more remarkable expression of its revered lineage. This longevity is note-worthy when considering wine investment decisions.

The subtlety in its maturing process makes it not just an intriguing proposition to serious wine enthusiasts yearning for nuanced depth but also presents a compelling case for long term investment. The rarity of this wine coupled with its seamless aging potential substantiates the 2000 Screaming Eagle as a reliable cornerstone for those seeking to preserve and enhance their fine wine investment portfolios.

To experience the full splendour of this unique vintage, it's an excursion into the heart and soul of what defines great American wines, in the form of the 2000 Screaming Eagle.

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