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2010 Screaming Eagle

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2010 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle, Oakville, Napa Valley, USA

Acclaim is a familiar appellation for the 2010 Screaming Eagle from Screaming Eagle. This flagship Cabernet Sauvignon blend's acclaim rarely wavers and it is habitually tipped as one of the most remarkable fine wines from USA.


A vintage blend of beauty and finesse

The 2010 vintage was an opportunity for Screaming Eagle to paint a vinous picture, affirming the provenance and quality of its Californian terroir. The year granted a long growing season that allowed for a slow ripening process resulting in grapes with deeply nuanced flavors and stunning intensity. The eagle truly screamed a statement in 2010.

The blend is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, complemented by Merlot and Cabernet Franc - a medley that creates a symphony of flavors. It sings of violets, graphite and fresh foliage, interwoven with intoxicating notes of cassis and warming baked berry pie.


A salient opportunity for wine investing in USA

Investors considering pouring capital into Napa Valley fine wines would be wise to consider 2010 Screaming Eagle - a wine that not only boasts distinguished critical acclaim but also holds promising potential for future appreciation. Testament to this expectation is the wine’s undeviating upward trajectory at auction; an encouraging trend for those that seek rarity, exclusivity, and long-term value.

The 2010 Screaming Eagle impeccably encapsulates the captivating allure of American viticulture. It stands as one of those wines that transcends mere appreciation; it is a tangible representation of the extraordinary possibilities when climate, soil, careful vineyard management, and masterful winemaking align.

This vinous treasure has been sculpted from the exceptional soils of Oakville, and in its glass, one grasps a rare and precious piece of Napa Valley. For connoisseurs and investors alike - the 2010 Screaming Eagle is a highly prized addition to any discerning collection.

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Utter perfection, the 2010 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon (a 610-case blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Franc; 14.5% natural alcohol) boasts a dense ruby/purple color along with a staggering bouquet of spring flowers, graphite, creme de cassis, kirsch, licorice and subtle toast in the background. Opulent and full-bodied with a multidimensional personality, gorgeous purity and a stunning, flawless texture, this spectacular wine is among the wines of the vintage. Under the ownership of Stan Kroenke, this vineyard has been replanted and a new cellar has been constructed. The production of Screaming Eagle has remained between 700-1,000 cases, and a second wine, the Second Flight, includes 520-800 cases. The introduction of a second wine is an attempt to keep Screaming Eagle at its mythical level of quality. This vineyard, situated on the valley floor at the Oakville Crossroads across the road from the Rudd Estate, encompasses 60 acres, but only a small percentage is used for these two cuvees. Based on the three vintages I tasted, it appears the Second Flight wines include much less Cabernet Sauvignon and more Merlot than the flagship Screaming Eagle. Tel. (707) 944-0749

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2013

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