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Burgundy vineyard prices double in a decade due to demand


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Top prices for Burgundy grand cru vineyards in the Cote-d’Or have doubled over the last 10 years, from around €7 million per hectare in 2008 to up to €14 million in 2017, according to French land agency Safer.

The increase is down to rising global demand for wines from the region, plus high profile vineyard buyouts by wealthy investors.

However, there’s a significant variation in values across the area, with Safer claiming grand cru prices can start at a comparatively lower €2.75 million per hectare. Prices for vineyards outside of the top areas are lower still. One hectare of vineyard land in the regional Burgundy appellation had a top price of €70,500 in 2017, just double the €45,000 price tag 10 years ago.

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