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Chateau Guiraud abandons 2018 first wine due to hail damage


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Sauternes estate Chateau Guiraud will not be making a first wine from the 2018 vintage due to damage from storms this summer.

Hail destroyed 95% of the estate's grapes in July. As such, Guiraud only plans to produce some dry white wine and a small amount of second wine from the 2018 harvest. Speaking to, estate director Xavier Planty said of the weather: “I’ve never seen that in 40 years of experience.”

Other estates in the region have been waiting nervously to determine the outcome of their harvests. Owner of Chateau Raymond-Lafon, Jean-Pierre Meslier, said: “It was like poker; we had to be very patient with the hand we were dealt.” Chateau Raymond-Lafon wrapped up its harvest last week, with Meslier ultimately noting, “We are saved”.

Yquem, meanwhile, faced potential issues with low acidity but has reported “pretty fruit and freshness”. Volumes will be lower due to hail damage, though, with Yquem anticipating 20% less wine that its average harvest.

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