Domaine Leroy   Nuits St Georges aux Allots

2014 Nuits St Georges aux Allots

By Domaine Leroy

2014 Nuits St Georges aux Allots from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 2014 Nuits St Georges aux Allots from Domaine Leroy heralds from a year that was a roller coaster for Burgundy winemakers. The vintage was, by no means, straightforward—hail storms, followed by humidity that brought the threat of rot, but then an Indian summer saved the day, concentrating the flavours and ensuring ripeness. What could have been writ in woeful verses instead transformed into poetry in a bottle, thanks to the meticulous craft at Domaine Leroy.


A Championship Calibre Vintage

Lalou Bize-Leroy operates with a near-mythical reverence among Burgundy aficionados. Her low-yield biodynamic approach saw the 2014 vintage deliver intensity in spades. The low interventionist technique allows the terroir—the very soul of Burgundy—to speak unimpeded. Tasting the 2014 Nuits St Georges aux Allots is to understand the winemaker's midas touch during a challenging year.


A Nuanced Triumph Over Nature's Challenges

On the palate, this wine is eloquence defined. The mineral core is flanked by an array of complex flavours—a testament to the careful cultivation and selection practised in this exceptional domaine. Red and black fruits merge with earthy undertones, a nuanced dance of wild herbs and spice make themselves known in measured whispers.

The 2014 vintage shows off its layers with each sip. It invites you to contemplate not just its taste but its journey: from twisted vine grappling with nature's caprice to a poised and polished testament of survival and triumph—Domaine Leroy’s mastery on full display.


Investment Pedigree and Artistry

For discerning investors, parsing which vintages of Nuits St Georges aux Allots from Domaine Leroy ascend to the summit of collectability can be as rewarding as it is complex. The 2014 stands as a beacon of resilience, investment-worthy due to its individualistic expression borne out of a turbulent season.

In summary, this vintage is much more than mere fermented grape—it is alive with history and tenacity; an ample opportunity for investors ready to hold a piece of 2014's defiance against nature’s chaos—crystallised in a bottle by Domaine Leroy’s unrivalled expertise.

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The 2014 Nuits St Georges Aux Allots has a slight reduction on the nose, but underneath lie some fine, clean and pure black cherry and wild strawberry fruit. There is plenty of energy and animation here, an almost sorbet-like freshness, slightly candied towards the bright and lucid finish. Among Lalou Bize-Leroy's village cru, this might actually be my pick.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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