Domaine Leroy   Vosne les Brulees

2010 Vosne les Brulees

By Domaine Leroy

2010 Vosne les Brulees from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 2010 vintage in Burgundy was met with critical acclaim, and Domaine Leroy's handling of such a promising year was nothing short of masterful. Our focus lies squarely upon the 2010 Vosne les Brulees from Domaine Leroy, a vintage which I've had the pleasure of observing evolve magnificently over the decade.


An Unfurling Legend: The 2010 Vosne Les Brulees

The lauded terroir of Vosne-Romanée delivered climatic bounties in 2010 – a cooler growing season interspersed with warm days ensured an immaculate ripening period for the noble Pinot Noir. This meticulous balance of climate bestowed upon the 2010 Vosne les Brulees distinct attributes of excellence. From Domaine Leroy – a beacon of biodynamic viticulture – comes this extraordinary exemplar of Burgundy craftsmanship.

Upon nosing, one is greeted with a bouquet dense with black cherries laced with hints of violet and the subtle underbrush characteristic of top-tier Burgundian fare. The palate reveals a complex structure; fine-grained tannins lay the foundation for layers of dark fruits entwined robustly with elegant minerality, reflecting upon its esteemed origins. A deliberate crescendo to a poised and lingering finish befits its noble pedigree.


Investment Merit Alongside Enological Grandeur

The investment potential in a bottle such as the 2010 Vosne les Brulees should not be understated. With remarkable cellar longevity, this wine aligns consummately with fine wine investors seeking both value appreciation and sensory splendor. It mirrors an artistry that opines as much for its financial promise as it does for its tasting prowess.

In summary, the 2010 Vosne les Brulees reaches dizzying heights in complexity and vivacity, flaunting its unique vintage character through each considered sip. It remains an illustrative statement from Domaine Leroy, harmonising articulate vinification with investment acuity. A decantation into the annals of exquisite Burgundian vintages – rightfully taking its place as one of the must-consider collectibles for connoisseurs and investors alike.

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The 2010 Vosne Romanee Aux Brulees is every bit as exciting from bottle as it was from barrel. Today the Brulees is much more open than it was a few months ago, but its potential is the same, which is to say, the wine is simply magnificent. In 2010, the Brulees is pure seduction. Rich, dense, yet light on its feet, the Brulees is marvelously complex, but in the end, it is the sheer texture of the wine that delights the intellectual and hedonistic senses most of all. The seductive, ethereal finish leaves a lasting impression. Tasted next to Beaux Monts, which this parcel is adjacent to, the Brulees is intensely floral and precise, with more of a dark red fruit profile. Readers in search of the 2010s from Leroy will want to put the Brulees at the top of their lists. What a great showing! Anticipated maturity: 2020-2040. Lalou Bize-Leroy is always among the first growers to bottle, as she was once again in 2010. Therefore, I have chosen to present final, in-bottle reviews of the 2010 reds along with the Domaine Leroy and D’Auvenay 2010 whites. All of the wines came in at or near the top of my barrel scores. Thinking back to the day I tasted the 2010s from barrel in a very empty-looking cellar, I am reminded, that, as elsewhere, the already minuscule quantities of these wines was made even smaller by the mercilessly short crop in 2010. Readers who can find the wines should not hesitate. In this vintage, the Leroy wines are deeply marked by terroir. Although I don’t share all of her views, tasting with Lalou Bize-Leroy is always a fascinating experience, as everything she does is informed by the deepest and most total conviction imaginable. There is no more ardent exponent of the most fundamental of all Burgundian values – the concept of terroir – than Lalou Bize-Leroy. Importer: Martine’s Wines. Novato, CA; tel. (415) 883-040

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2012

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