Mommessin   Clos de Tart

1986 Clos de Tart

By Mommessin

1986 Clos de Tart from Mommessin, Burgundy, France

The grandeur of Burgundy is often encapsulated in the rare offerings that punctuate its long history, of which the 1986 Clos de Tart from Mommessin stands as a compelling testament. As I cast my mind back over decades dedicated to the appreciation of vinous treasures, this particular vintage emerges with a distinctive narrative woven from the fabric of an exceptional terroir and an enigmatic year.


A Year of Triumphs and Challenges

The vicissitudes of the 1986 growing season set the stage for a vintage that demanded the utmost attention and expertise. A year marked by meteorological caprice, it put the resilience of Burgundy's vineyards to the test and yet, out of such trials, the Clos de Tart vineyard yielded a wine of profound expression. This is a wine replete with ambition, carrying the stories of climatic struggle within its very essence.


Redefining Excellence in Investment Wines

In the realm of fine wine investment, there surges an ever-growing demand for authentic vintages that not only promise an enriching tasting experience but also exhibit considerable potential for appellation. The 1986 vintage from Clos de Tart epitomises this archetype. Nestled within Mommessin's venerable portfolio, it manifests as both an indulgence for the senses and a cognizant choice for the astute investor.

On uncorking, one is immediately greeted with an aromatic chorus that sings of ripe berries and earthy undertones. On the palate, this wine commands attention; it is at once powerful and poised, offering a sumptuous array of dark fruit tempered by an age-softened tannic structure that maintains a stately elegance well into its finish.

As we reflect on how climatic happenstance intertwines with human skill to birth wines of incomparable character, let us recognise the 1986 Clos de Tart from Mommessin as one such marvel—a wine that stands not solely as a relic of its year but as an enduring emblem of Burgundy's timeless legacy.

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The 1986 Clos de Tart from Mommessin is light, a bit astringent and hard, without a great deal of depth or charm. It is doubtful whether there is more fruit hiding behind the dry tannins.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 December 1989

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