Torbeck   RunRig

2015 RunRig

By Torbreck

2015 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia

The legendary Australian vintage of 2015 is warmly encapsulated in the nuanced intricacies of this RunRig from Torbeck. For those seeking remarkable Australian wines - each sip of this glorious Shiraz is a toast to Mother Nature's benevolence that year, accentuating bold expressivity with impressive ageing potential.


A symphony of sophistication, a prime investment prospect

For those navigating fine wine investment waters, the 2015 RunRig proves an appealing compass. The rich, structural intensity harmoniously balanced with generous fruitiness makes this an exemplary vintage that converges taste refinement and investment wisdom.

Savour the monolithic depth of layered blackberry and plum underlined by whispers of spice and tobacco. Such complex tapestry elicits awe and intrigue, sure to captivate any discerning palate. As you lose yourself in its dark ruby allure, each swirling sip marks a memory imprinted on your wine journey.


A celebration of climatic conditions, translating into peerless quality

The climatic conditions prevailing in Australia in 2015 makes this vintage one for the history books. With weather elements aligning like orchestral notes into a harmonious symphony, the result was a crop endowed with optimal maturity and concentration.

The 2015 RunRig demonstrates how these favourable circumstances came into play. It showcases the profound power, structure, and complexity associated with ideal weather patterns, wherein cool nights preserve acidity whilst warm days amplify the fruit intensity.

This blend of old vine Shiraz co-fermented with a modest percentage of Viognier exudes Northern Rhône-like gravitas merged with Australian verve. The addition of Viognier provides suppleness and aromatic expanse to each bottle - an undoubtedly wise decision by Torbeck, endowing the vintage with fortitude and perceptible elegance.

The 2015 RunRig from Torbeck is a veritable personification of 2015 in Australia - a bold proclamation of nature's bounty, winemaking prowess, and evocative allure. Powerful yet balanced, profound yet approachable - it stands as one of the worthiest additions to any investor's cellar; an opulent ode to the exceptional climatic conditions of 2015.

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