Domaine MS Ogier DAmpuis   Cote Rotie Cuvee Belle Helene

2009 Cote Rotie Cuvee Belle Helene

By Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis

2009 Cote Rotie Cuvee Belle Helene from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis, Rhone

This 2009 Cote Rotie Cuvee Belle Helene from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis is a full-bodied marvel that undoubtedly sets it apart from other vintages. Its maturation process and climatic conditions of the year have imparted it with a unique grandeur.


A promising year, unforgettable Rhone vintage

In the realm of Rhône Valley, 2009 was an astronomical year for wine production, particularly for this elegant Cuvee Belle Helene. The year was marked by favourable weather conditions, lending the grapes a desirable ripeness and conveying distinguished depth in this particular cuvée.

This prized vintage has successfully acquired its rightful place among discerning collectors and shrewd wine investors. Behind its lavish allure is a testament to the exemplary craftsmanship of Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis, its unrivalled capacity to harness the advantages of climate, soil and season to create something phenomenal.


Distinctly 2009, confidently Syrah

Exhibit of what is revered as the 'Syrah kiss', the 2009 version relishes in its floral aromas intermingled subtly with black fruits. Its powerful structure marries harmoniously with an elegant velvety texture while showing notes of dark chocolate and spicy undertones on the palate.

Sourcing from vineyards that boast some of the oldest Syrah vines in existence, this exceptional vintage illustrates a balance of ripeness and vitality that made 2009 such an exceptional year in Rhône.


A wine investment opportunity that resonates

The 2009 Cote Rotie Cuvee Belle Helene radiates a unique charm, encapsulating the very essence of Rhône wine traditions and innovations that were particularly evident that year. A glass of this vintage beckons a journey back in time to relish in the blessings of nature that 2009 bestowed on Rhône, delicately captured by Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis.

Epitome of maturation excellence, the age-worthy 2009 Cuvee Belle Helene stands as an intriguing investment opportunity for fine wine enthusiasts, aiming high on the list of uniquely expressive French gems.

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The 2009 Cote Rotie La Belle Helene is another perfect wine. Made in a completely different style than the more structured, mineral-laced 2010, the 2009 is a flamboyant, exuberant effort with nearly over-the-top ripeness and fruit. However, it is extremely supple, sexy and bursting with complexity, revealing notes of truffles, graphite, black raspberries, espresso roast, spice box, tapenade and bouquet garni. The wine’s richness, full-bodied, massive fruit impact and 50-second finish are amazing. (Not yet released) Stephane Ogier, tall and blond with rugged, Brad Pitt-like good looks, is the next generation of young, ambitious, well-traveled children from family-owned estates. Learning his trade and working next to his father, who is now fully retired, Stephane Ogier has moved confidently and dramatically to expand this estate from the Cote Rotie holdings to their vineyards that go into La Rosine and those from Seyssuel that go into l’Ame Soeur. He has also added a St-Joseph cuvee from a small parcel of vines in Malleval, next to his Condrieu holdings. Moreover, readers should not forget the recent white wine offerings from Ogier. The great success for the 2011s is attributable, as Ogier says, to harvesting seven days later than just about everyone else in Cote Rotie, in addition to aggressive green harvesting and farming practices in the vineyards. This is evident across the board as these are some of the finest 2011s I tasted in the Northern Rhone. Ogier has 12 separate Cote Rotie parcels spread along the hillsides of the Cote Blonde and Cote Brune. The 2011s were harvested between September 16 and October 8, and because of Ogier’s conservative farming practices as well as the courage it took to wait to harvest until after the rains, the quality of the fruit is outstanding. The 2010s are all remarkable wines at Ogier. Stephane Ogier also deserves accolades for what he has been able to achieve with his white wine program since he began it in 2007. There are now three cuvees, all outstanding. Importer: Robert Kacher Selections, New York, NY; tel. (212) 239-1275

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 26 December 2012

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