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1995 Unico

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1995 Unico from Vega Sicilia, Ribera del Duero

The 1995 Unico from Vega Sicilia has been steadily climbing the ranks of discerning investors' portfolios, and with good reason. A veritable artwork of the exceptional 1995 harvest in Ribera del Duero, it has distinguished itself by imprinting a year of unique climatic elements onto the storied canvas of Vega Sicilia vineyards.


Profound Bottled Terroir

The temperature fluctuations in the early stages of 1995, marked by a cold winter followed by an unseasonably warm spring, played significant roles in forming the structure of this unique wine. Furthermore, a notably dry and sunny summer contributed to a healthy phenolic ripening that something wonderful was shaping up in the vineyard. The final result is a remarkable expression of Tempranillo imbued with the quintessential minerality of Ribera del Duero's limestone-rich soils.


A Stimulating Investment Prospect

This particular vintage is poised for steady growth as an investment wine, with considerable lifespan and continuing appreciation. It's an appealing blend of rich dark fruits interlaced with perfectly balanced oak nuances from Vega Sicilia's meticulous aging process. Its structure and harmony suggest an outstanding ageing potential, demonstrating hallmarks of a wise investment contender in the fine wine market.


Ribera del Duero Distinction

The Ribera del Duero terroir diversity underpins the vibrant acidity and complex spice notes, establishing this 1995 Unico as an exceptional representation of the region. With elements of rich soil, altitude, and striking weather contrasts coming perfectly together, it stands out among its peers for its depth and intensity.

Summarily, the uniquely intriguing 1995 Unico from Vega Sicilia lays its claim as one of the finest vintages of the late 20th century from Ribera del Duero region. Its characteristics offer sustained pleasure for those fortunate to possess it and present a robust proposition for the discerning wine investor.

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