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Buying En Primeur allows investors and collectors to reserve a case of wine where availability is extremely limited. With Cult Wine Investment, you have the opportunity to secure rare allocations of rare, highly sought-after wine.


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We are the world’s largest wine investment company


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Unlock your understanding on how to invest successfully

  1. Priority AccessOnce bottled, some wines can be more difficult to find.

  2. ProvenanceEP buyers are the first owners of the wines.

  3. Potentially Lower PricesBuying wine ‘futures’ can be cheaper than waiting until bottle release.

  4. Investment PotentialBy choosing the right wines and understanding the price positioning of Châteaux, buyers can find EP wines with strong investment potential.

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Calculation based on the CAGR of the Cult Wine Investment Performance (GBP) since October 2009. The Cult Wine Investment Performance tracks the overall value of our investors' holdings over time, rebased at the price of purchase. Calculation excludes fees.

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I have been a client of Cult Wines Ltd for many years now and cannot recommend highly enough. Great way to diverse my investments into a passion that I love.


Cult Wine Investment Client
United Kingdom

Have been purchasing from Cult Wines for a number of years. Their advise and assistance with en primeur process and transactions have been wonderful.


Cult Wine Investment Client

Good investment for portfolio diversification. Their client portal is quite user friendly. Portfolio managers keep in frequent contact as well to update you on any new opportunities.


Cult Wine Investment Client

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By investing with us you become part of a community inspired by curiosity and the love of wine. Meet wine enthusiasts, passionate experts and like-minded investors.


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