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19 January 2024

Burgundy En Primeur 2022 Vintage: First Glimpse into a well-priced ‘Modern Classic'


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As the new year begins, we are excited to take our first look at the Burgundy En Primeur 2022 vintage. Burgundy En Primeur is a pivotal event in the wine investment calendar, presenting a unique chance to invest early in Burgundy's top wines at their most accessible prices and with unparalleled investment potential.

"I would recommend going large in 2022"

- Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy 

The 2022 Burgundy vintage stands out for several reasons. Both the Reds and Whites are garnering attention and praise from leading Burgundy critics for their outstanding quality. Moreover, this vintage offers a compelling investment case: it retains the pricing levels of the 2021 vintage while delivering a significant upgrade in quality. Coupled with a return to average long-term crop and volume levels, the 2022 Burgundy vintage emerges as an especially attractive opportunity for investors.

“2022 is another very strong Burgundy vintage, offering excellence in both colours”

- William Kelley, The Wine Advocate

The Investment Team




5 Reasons to Invest in Burgundy 2022:

  1. Burgundy En Primeur is a key component of our investment strategy.

  2. The 2022 vintage has produced excellent wines across Cote de Nuits (Reds) & Cote de Beaune (Whites), backed by major critics like Jasper Morris, William Kelley and Neal Martin.

  3. Pricing is competitive as we return to normal yields, a welcome change after 2021.

  4. The characteristics of the wines and its release timing makes the 2022 vintage one of the most compelling in recent years.

  5. Global demand for Burgundy wines remains strong even amidst fluctuations in top labels in 2023.



Our upcoming reports, articles and insights: Stay well informed

Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to wine investment, our expert insights will help explain the market trends and highlight the unique investment opportunities that this vintage presents:


  • Burgundy EP 2022 Vintage Report: This must-read downloadable report offers an in-depth market analysis and insights into the 2022 vintage.

  • Exclusive Tasting Insights: Gain unique perspectives from our investment team's experiences and observations of the 2022 wines.

  • Producer Spotlight: Explore the heart of Burgundy with our blog highlighting the region’s key producers.

  • Burgundy Smart Allocations Report: Discover our strategic approach to investing in the 2022 Burgundy vintage.


Our Burgundy 2022 En Primeur campaign showcases a market ripe with investment potential. Esteemed wine experts and critics have praised this vintage, fostering a robust sense of optimism amongst Burgundy enthusiasts.  

“If your favourite growers’ price tags seem fair, then I would not hesitate diving in”

- Neal Martin, Vinous Media  

Act now

If you are already convinced that the 2022 vintage aligns perfectly with your investment goals, seize this opportunity by registering your interest in Burgundy En Primeur. Complete the form by clicking ‘Register your interest’ below and embark on this rewarding investment journey. 

Investing in Burgundy En Primeur

The 2022 vintage is poised to deliver exceptional quality and potential high returns. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your wine portfolio or start your wine investment journey.


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