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Chambolle-Musigny (Cote de Nuits)

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Chambolle-Musigny Wine Region Summary

Chambolle-Musigny currently holds the accolade of producing the most expensive wine in the world. Hosting 25 premier crus, combined with the village wines, these account for just over 150 hectares, by far the greatest portion of wine produced in the region. These approximately 800,000 bottles per year still go to demonstrate just how low the production is from these regions. The real stars of the show, however, are the two Grand Crus of Musigny and Bonnes Mares, which make up little over 16 hectares.

The former and arguably more famous supplies the grapes from Domaine Leroy’s Musigny Grand Cru, which at an average price of over £13,000 per bottle puts itself conclusively as the most expensive wine in the world. Other famous producers include Domaine Comtes de Vogue, Georges Roumier, J-F Mugnier and Joseph Drouhin with the wines described as ‘the queen of all Burgundy’, or very elegantly as ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’ due their femininity but amazing capacity for age.

With this number of producers vying for grapes in the area, production is miniscule with Leroy’s own output making up just a few hundred bottles per year.