Domaine du Comte Liger Belair   La Romanee

1999 La Romanee

By Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair

1999 La Romanée from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Burgundy, France

The sublime 1999 vintage from the storied cloisters of Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair heralds a fusion of tradition and exceptional climatic conditions. The rare and illustrious 1999 La Romanée speaks volumes about a year that is noted for its ideal weather, imparting on this exalted vineyard's output an inimitable character. Embarking on a sensory sojourn with this vintage is to unearth the quintessence of Burgundian mastery.


Exquisite Craftsmanship in a Challenging Millennium

The turn of the millennium posed unique challenges across Burgundy, yet it was also a period replete with climatic generosity. The 1999 growing season in Vosne-Romanée bestowed upon us evenly ripened fruit, embodying thorough concentration and balance. Winemaking virtuosos at Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair have sculpted a magnum opus within each bottle of the 1999 La Romanée – articulating the terroir's rich tapestry through meticulous vinification.


A Vintage Seduction of Collectors and Aficionados

The allure of the 1999 La Romanée lies in its complex interplay of robustness and grace. This particular vintage resonates with sumptuous dark fruits interwoven with an earthy backbone, and subtle hints of spice that culminate in an eloquent finish. The poised tannic structure signifies the wine's remarkable capacity for investment-grade cellaring – an appealing trait for connoisseurs eyeing long-term wine investment opportunities.

The artistry behind this vintage has gestated over time into a crescendo of intricate flavours – a testament to its storied producer. As it continues to evolve, the palette it offers becomes increasingly captivating, honed by years under vigilant custodianship; a true emblem of oenological finesse.

In sum, the sensorial tapestry woven by the 1999 La Romanée from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is one that performs a ballet on the palate, offering both immediate sumptuous enjoyment and ample promise for further maturation. The investment potential lies not only in its exceptional quality but also in its ability to stand as a monument to one of Burgundy's most favourable vintages.

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