Domaine du Comte Liger Belair   La Romanee

2004 La Romanee

By Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair

2004 La Romanée from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne-Romanée, Burgundy

In the relatively small parcel of hallowed earth that is Burgundy's Vosne-Romanée, the 2004 vintage from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair exudees a charm unique to this specific annus. With notes that are as much about the terroir as they are about the climatic conditions, the 2004 La Romanée captivates with its singular expression.


Elegance Embodied: A Worthy Investment

The 2004 vintage in Burgundy was marked by capricious weather but ultimately yielded wines of grace and complexity. Unlike the more opulent vintages that often command the market, the 2004 La Romanée from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair thrives on subtlety and precision. Understated power and depth combine to create an investable masterpiece.


Autumnal Harvest, Artful Vinification

Harvested during an autumnal coolness that kissed the peaking grapes with a gentle restraint, the 2004 vintage is redolent with whispers of red cherries, seasoned oak, and autumn spices. It demands contemplation—a wine that rewards those who give it their full focus. Its rounded tannins and balanced acidity speak volumes about meticulously artful vinification processes honed over many decades.

With time in bottle, the 2004 La Romanée reveals layers of evolution—a tangible notation of its storied journey thus far. Sublime in texture, it paints a palate still vibrant with fruit yet deepened by secondary nuances coming into their own; a confluence of earthy undertones and ethereal floral notes.

As a distinguished critic with four decades under my belt, I keenly recognise the sophisticated investor seeking a wine that resonates with rarity as well as finesse. The 2004 La Romanée from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair represents such an opportunity—poised for appreciation both in taste and value. Unquestionably, it is one of the quieter heralds within Burgundy’s ebullient ensemble but therein lies its discreet charm and investment allure.

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