Tenuta dellOrnellaia   Ornellaia

2007 Ornellaia

By Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

2007 Ornellaia from Tenuta dell’Ornellaia - A Singular Display of Prestige and Grace

The 2007 Ornellaia from Tenuta dell’Ornellaia is a masterstroke harking back to an iconic year. This Super Tuscan wine, created in the prolific and well-respected vineyards of Italy's Bolgheri sub-region, gracefully embodies the defining characteristics of the successful 2007 vintage in this part of the world.


Unmasking the Symphony of Flavours

No other fine Italian wine quite encapsulates the essence of a unique vintage like the 2007 Ornellaia. On the nose, this imitable blend enthralls with a seductive bouquet filled with perfectly mature dark fruits, spice elements, and intoxicating hits of premium dark chocolate.

Manoeuvring on to taste, this symphony builds towards an extraordinary climax. Sweet black cherries at its core are woven nimbly with hints of graphite and tar. As the affair deepens, one finds notes of sweet tobacco and licorice running parallel, delicately keeping pace with such profound flavours.


Savouring the Legendary Vintage

Get swept up in the remarkable repartee between its firm structure and roundly elegant tannins that add depth to this beautifully balanced wine. Fondly remembered for its agreeable climatic conditions and bountiful harvests, 2007 gifted us with sensationally elegant fine wines from Italy.

The 2007 Ornellaia stands as a crowning glory from this year, wrapping us up in its delightful complexity and mature execution. The finish is persistent, offering a lingering impression that echoes the professionalism inherent in every bottle hailing from Tenuta dell’Ornellaia.


2007 Ornellaia – An Unmatched Investment Opportunity

For wine investors, the 2007 Ornellaia from Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, emerges as an enviable addition to any connoisseur's collection. Not only does it bestow the chance to savour a spectacular piece of winemaking artistry, but it also represents a remarkable opportunity for investment.

Remember, when one invests in such fine wines from Italy, particularly, an exceptional vintage like the 2007 Ornellaia, you are securing an appreciating asset that stirs the senses and the portfolio with equal poise. Quite simply, an opportunity not to be ignored by those in the know.

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