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1990 Pichon Baron

By Chateau Pichon Baron

1990 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron, Pauillac, Bordeaux

In a world clamoring for masterpieces that stand the test of time, the 1990 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron emerges as an enigmatic luminary from the region of Pauillac in Bordeaux. This vintage, marked by an ideal growing season, still reverberates through the halls of wine aficionados and collectors for its structural grace and aged complexity.


Iconic Vintage with Investment Allure

The essence of this revered vintage leaps from glass to palate with an aire de noblesse that is the hallmark of fine Pauillac terroir. The 1990 was a year when Bordeaux enjoyed near-perfect climate conditions which do not merely create wine – they create legacy. Decades after its birth, one finds in the 1990 Pichon Baron an aristocratic poise, with focused layers of crème de cassis, subtle hints of cedarwood, and a whisper of graphite – a testament to its lineage and meticulous crafting under Château Pichon Baron.


A Time-Capsule Treasure for the Discerning Collector

The caliber of this 1990 offering speaks to the astute investor who appreciates the intertwining of exceptional quality and rarity. Its robust structure and prevailing balance allow this wine to continue its graceful evolution in bottle, suggesting that this noble vintage is far from having sung its swan song. With tertiary notes burgeoning gracefully amidst taut tannins – the esprit of 1990 remains vibrant, urging sommeliers and collectors to revere and perhaps rediscover this vintage's intricate magnificence.

Within each sip of 1990 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron unfolds a narrative steeped in viticultural precision, climatic favor, and venerable tradition – Ideal attributes for those delving into the world of fine wine investment. Echoing through time, the 1990 Pichon Baron is endowed not only with an impressive pedigree but with an innate power to command attention on both the table and market.

This offering is a timeless piece; one which capably couples robust maturity and enduring potential – a heritage asset for any serious collection that anticipates longevity along with appreciative returns on investment. It is a prime example whereby vintners' lore meets investment insight; where each decanted drop presents not just a taste but an exploration into a storied year where Bordeaux triumphed exceptionally.

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A remarkable vintage for Pichon Longueville Baron, 1990 is one of this estate's two or three finest wines made in the last 40 years. Still inky/blue/purple-tinged to the rim, it reveals an extraordinary bouquet of charcoal, incense, creme de cassis, blue and black fruits, and a hint of licorice as well as an impressively long finish. While drinkable, its evolution is extremely slow, and I would not be surprised to see it last another two decades or more. Release price: ($390.00/case)

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #183 June 2009


Tasted at a private dinner hosted by The White Club in Basel. The 1990 Pichon Baron never fails to deliver. Here, it has that stunning bouquet that puts the under-performing Mouton in its place: an intense, multi-faceted bouquet of macerated dark cherries, mulberry, blueberry, cedar and sous-bois that to be frank, seem to have barely aged in the last decade. The palate is one of immense dimension and yet, as I noted a couple of years ago, time is bestowing this Pauillac with refinement and poise, hints of game present and correct on the finish. If you do not like the Pichon Baron 1990, you do not like Bordeaux. Tasted November 2012.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2013

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