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2000 Pichon Baron

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2000 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron, Pauillac, Bordeaux

The turn of the millennium bore witness to an extraordinary event in the hallowed vineyards of Château Pichon Baron. The 2000 Pichon Baron stands as a testament to the uniqueness of its vintage, a year where the Bordeaux region experienced a confluence of near-ideal conditions: a mild winter followed by a warm spring, and a summer that dodged the heatwaves which can spell disaster for grapes of the highest pedigree.


An Exquisite Vintage Finesse

At Château Pichon Baron, meticulous attention to terroir and climatic changes translated into a 2000 Pichon Baron with distinctive attributes. This was a vintage fashioned by skilled vintners who knew precisely when to harness the grape’s optimal potential. As investors seek out wines with maturity and depth, the 2000 Pichon Baron provides both, with its rich core still radiating vibrant flavors encased in a supple, resolved tannin structure.

The nose presents an intoxicating mélange of blackcurrants, smoky oak, and hints of pencil shavings – characteristics quintessentially Pauillac. Taste follows scent; it unfolds on the palate with elegant complexity, balancing power and finesse as only truly great Bordeaux can. A trace of savory earthiness complements the rich dark fruit essence which is still exuberant after more than two decades.


A Wine of Impeccable Pedigree

In the realm of wine investment, provenance and pedigree reign supreme. The 2000 Pichon Baron hails from an estate renowned for producing some of the most robust and age-worthy wines in the region. For collectors, it's not just a bottle but a slice of history from a Château that has consistently set benchmarks in quality.

Revered among aficionados for its remarkable structure and longevity, this exquisite offering encapsulates all that was remarkable about its year. Radiating classic Bordelais elegance compounded by exemplary growing conditions, it echoes the immensity of its vintage while asserting its own regal individuality.

As sophistication dances with approachability in this exalted bottle, one finds not only an opportunity for pleasurable consumption but also for appreciable investment. The 2000 Pichon Baron is undeniably poised to grace the cellars of discerning investors and collectors who appreciate that wines of this caliber are more than indulgence; they are tangible artifacts of climatic harmony and vinicultural acumen.

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This is one of the great wines of the vintage, and certainly a candidate for one of the finest wines made at this estate under the management of Christian Seeley and proprietor AXA. Showing incredibly well at two tastings of 2000s, the wine has a dense bluish/purple color and a beautiful nose of incense, melted asphalt, and creme de cassis as well as hints of new saddle leather and licorice. It is superbly concentrated and very pure, with excellent texture and opulence. The acidity seems low, the tannin high but well-integrated. This is a compelling 2000 that is just closing in on its window of maturity and should stay there for at least 20 or more years. Bravo!

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #189 June 2010


Tasted at Roberson's Pichon Lalande/Pichon Baron vertical. Let's face it: the nose completely blows away the Pichon-Lalande 2000, so much more fruit concentration and complexity with mulberry, boysenberry, lavender and a touch of leather. The palate is full-bodied with firm tannins, superb weight, very smooth and caressing, lovely weight towards the still quite oaky finish.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2012

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