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2007 Pichon Baron

By Chateau Pichon Baron

2007 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron, Pauillac, Bordeaux

Investors seeking out a Bordeaux blend that superbly reflects the climatic idiosyncrasies of its year will find the 2007 vintage of Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron to be a study in resilience and adaptability. With the 2007 vintage in Pauillac marked by a cooler-than-average summer and an uneven growing season, this wine stands out as an achievement of careful vinification and patience.


Grace under climatic pressure

Nestled within one of Bordeaux's most esteemed appellations, Pichon Baron's 2007 release is not just a testament to the winemaker's skill but also to the enduring character of the terroir. The wine is redolent of blackcurrant and cedar, nuanced with truffle and earthy undertones – a palate-coating ensemble that belies the challenging weather of its birth year. The cooler conditions have bestowed upon this wine an impeccable structure, marked by pronounced yet supple tannins that weave through its full-bodied stature.


A nuanced investment in a bottle

Cognizant investors will note the wine’s balance between resilience and elegance – a duality that emerges from this unique year. The 2007 Pichon Baron has matured into an exemplar of grace under pressure, its subtle complexities unfolding with each passing year, rewarding patient collectors.

The depth and integrity on display challenge the conventional expectations for such an enigmatic year in Bordeaux. Seekers of distinctive vintages for investment or enjoyment will appreciate how this particular bottling eschews brash power in favor of refined intensity and layered finesse.

In summation, the 2007 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron reveals unique investment potentiality, unlocked by its storied provenance and deft navigation through less than ideal seasonal whims. It is poised to continue its ascent into an ever more compelling narrative with time – an evocative addition to any discerning collection.

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Tasted blind at the 2007 Bordeaux horizontal in Southwold. Deep and pure in colour. This has a very ripe bouquet that makes me think of Pontet Canet! There are scents of blackberry, briary and a touch of fresh dates, nicely defined and modern in style – a lot of polished oak still to be subsumed. The palate is well balanced with ripe succulent fruit, sweet and lithe towards the polished finish. A fine effort from Mr Seely & team. Tasted January 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Nov 2011


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Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #176 April 2008

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