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2016 Pichon Baron

By Chateau Pichon Baron

2016 Pichon Baron from Château Pichon Baron, Pauillac, Bordeaux

A serious contender for supremacy in the Pauillac appellation, the 2016 Pichon Baron boldly asserts its stature with a poise that bespeaks the excellence of this vintage. In my extensive tenure as a connoisseur, the intricate interplay of elements within this bottle stands as a testament to how nature and nurture coalesce to create something close to vinous perfection.


A Vintage That Excels at its Ancestral Provenance

The 2016 season in Pauillac was marked by a paradigmatic growing season - a gentle spring, followed by a warm yet dry summer - challenging Château Pichon Baron to produce grapes concentrated with quintessential Bordeaux characteristics without succumbing to over-ripeness.

New investors and seasoned collectors alike will note that the intense bouquet of dark berries, coupled with hints of licorice and an underpinning of graphite, pays homage to the unmistakable terroir where these vines thrive. The marriage of Cabernet Sauvignon's power and tannic structure with Merlot's sumptuousness gives the 2016 Pichon Baron a palatable finesse seldom achieved elsewhere.


An Investment-Age Nobleman Among Peers

Sipping on this wine, its layered complexities unfold like chapters in a regal novel; commanding dark fruit flavors are beautifully counterpoised by the chiseled tannins – potential harbingers of this vintage’s longevity and promise for burgeoning value. As a wine investment choice, 2016 Pichon Baron handles impeccably in the glass today and is set for an illustrious evolution over the next few decades.

It's not just about what lies within the glass. It’s about recognizing the confluence of perfect climatic conditions with human finesse; Château Pichon Baron has harnessed this serendipity spectacularly in its 2016 release. This vintage, my discerning companions, is poised to grow into one of Pauillac’s most captivating treasures over time.

Embarking on an odyssey from its present youthful vivacity towards a future enriched by time’s caress, the 2016 Pichon Baron bestows upon both your palate and your portfolio an elegance that commands respect while promising growth—an opportunity astute enough for all realms of palatial wine enterprise.

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I have been waiting for this for a long time. It’s a remake of the legendary 1990 Pichon Baron. Full body, ultra-polished yet powerful tannins and a glorious finish. The will evolve beautifully. The core of fruit and tannins are great. A truly great Pichon Baron.

James Suckling -, April 4th 2017


Has the pure, fresh, racy feel of the vintage, which is even more admirable considering the depth of the red currant, plum and cherry preserve flavors at the core and the power of the structure on the back end, pulling in accents of graphite and loam. A thumper of a Pauillac.—J.M.

Wine Spectator - The Wine Spectator (James Molesworth)


Dense, dramatic, splashy wine with great balance and lift. Lots of energy and masses of old Cab in here. Really snazzy. Long. 

Jancis Robinson -

Vintage performance