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1995 Pontet Canet

By Chateau Pontet Canet

1995 Pontet Canet from Château Pontet Canet, Pauillac, Bordeaux

As one turns their gaze to the remarkable vintage of '95, a year graced by benevolent climatic conditions, the 1995 Pontet Canet from Château Pontet Canet firmly stands as a paragon of Pauillac. This illustrious estate, nestled near the edges of Saint-Julien, has birthed a wine that leverages the gifts of its vintage with exceptional finesse.


An Emblem of the Vintage: The '95 Pauillac Prestige

The '95 vintages across Bordeaux were heralded for their strapping structure and cellar-worthiness, a testament to a year that avoided the tempestuous weather patterns that can often beleaguer this revered region. It is within this context that the 1995 Pontet Canet eloquently expresses itself; with a symphony of dark fruit notes underpinned by an aristocratic tannic backbone. Perhaps this is what makes this particular year so investing-worthy—its marriage of immediate allure with the promise of magnificence in maturation.


A Vintage That Epitomises Elegance

Harvest conditions in '95 allowed for an unhurried picking schedule, leading to optimally ripened Cabernet Sauvignon, the herald of Pauillac’s iconic blends. The meticulous selection at Château Pontet Canet ensured only the finest grapes contributed to the depth and complexity evident in the bottle. One discerns layers of cassis, veiled by subtle earthy undertones and a mélange of spices that seem to evolve even in the glass.

Investment-conscious connoisseurs note with appreciation how 1995 Pontet Canet sustains its pedigree across decades. As a seasoned wine critic, I affirm that well-preserved bottles remain articulate in their maturity; showcasing an ensemble of vibrant primary characteristics seamlessly transitioning into secondary whispers of truffle and cigar box.

Imbued with an intrinsic robust elegance, 1995 Pontet Canet undoubtedly mirrors that rare compliment—where time serves not merely as a patient architect but as an ally—to fashion something close to vinous perfection.

To rendezvous with this exceptional manifestation from Château Pontet Canet is to appreciate Bordeaux's alchemical artistry—a truly investable pleasure, rooted deeply within the soils of Pauillac, and enshrined by the legacy of its vintage.

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An old style Pauillac, yet made with far more purity and richness than the estate's ancient vintages, this broad-shouldered, muscular, classic wine exhibits a saturated purple color, and sensationally dense, rich, concentrated, cassis flavors that roll over the palate with impressive purity and depth. The wine is tannic and closed, but powerful and rich. It appears to possess length and intensity similar to the 1996. This is a great young Pauillac. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2025. The extraordinary effort that Alfred Tesseron is making at this property is reconfirmed with each new tasting note I write on Pontet-Canet. Having recently had the exceptionally impressive 1994 in several tastings, it is a pleasure to see this historic estate turning out wines that behave like super seconds rather than fifth-growths.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 February 1998


Tasted at the Pontet-Canet vertical in London. This is displaying more secondary aromas on the nose, slightly riper than the 1996, more red fruits than black with raspberry and strawberry with hints of vanilla. The palate is medium-bodied, very smooth and rounded, moderate complexity, a nice citrus edge. But it takes its foot off the accelerator in the middle which compared to more recent vintages is relatively linear and one-dimensional, finished with a rather sullen, tertiary finish, as if the wine has gone off in a sulk for no apparent reason.  Not a bad wine by any means, but it will not etch itself on your memory as a classic 1995. Drink now-2015. Tasted May 2009.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2010

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