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2014 Pontet Canet

By Chateau Pontet Canet

2014 Pontet Canet from Chateau Pontet Canet, Pauillac, Bordeaux

The 2014 vintage from the noble terrains of Pauillac stands as a testament to the resilience and skill of Chateau Pontet Canet's vintners in a year that threw challenges aplenty. Within this esteemed appellation, where the gravels of the Médoc whisper tales of finery and grapevine glory, the 2014 Pontet Canet heralds a vintage characterised by grace under pressure.


A Vintage of Vigilance and Virtue

To say that 2014 was a demanding year for Bordeaux's vignerons would be an understatement. Yet, it is precisely these conditions that often lead to exceptional displays of winemaking acumen. While other estates may have floundered, the organic and biodynamic practices at Chateau Pontet Canet seem to have equipped them with more than just philosophical resilience. The 2014 Pontet Canet showcases how adversity was transformed into advantage; yielding a wine that encapsulates the poise and potentiality so prized by investors and connoisseurs alike.


Articulate Expression of Element and Effort

In the glass, the wine exudes an elegance that belies the tumultuous season from which it emerged. The nose greets with dark cherries and blackcurrants, woven with threads of graphite and subtle spice—hallmarks of Pauillac's dignified claret narrative. On the palate, precision meets depth; robust tannins are meticulously dressed in velvety textures borne from careful oak maturation.

This particular bottle, in time, promises to unfurl as a masterstroke of harmony between fruit expression and structural finesse—one that astute Melbourne wine investment aficionados would do well to consider for their portfolios.


An Intelligent Acquisition for the Discerning Investor

As we retrospectively examine this storied vintage, one is reminded that in wine, as with all things, context is king. The 2014 Pontet Canet does not merely ride on the coattails of its chateau's illustrious reputation but adds a fresh chapter to its lauded legacy. For those looking to enhance their collection with a wine that narrates not just quality but history—a tale of triumph over tribulation—the 2014 Pontet Canet emerges as an eloquent choice.

Indeed, this bottle is more than just a beverage; it's a bastion of Pauillac provenance, encapsulating the confluence of weathered wisdom and consummate craft—a layered libation ready to appreciate on both palate and price.

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James Suckling - (04/2015)


Deep garnet with a hint of purple to the color, the 2014 Pontet-Canet gives a very serious, classic Pauillac nose of blackcurrant preserves, baked blackberries and warm black plums with suggestions of menthol, pencil lead, woodsmoke, cassia and cast-iron pan plus a hint of baking spices. Medium to full-bodied, it fills the mouth with black and blue fruit preserves with a rock-solid frame of grainy tannins and bold freshness, giving lift to the long, exotic spice-laced finish. It is approachable now, but really should start to make jaws drop in another 4-5 years.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 29 May 2020


No tasting note available.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate


No tasting note available.

Tim Atkin - (04/2015)

Vintage performance