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1986 Domaine de Chevalier

By Chateau Domaine de Chevalier

1986 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier, Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux

The hallowed ground of Pessac-Léognan has a chequered tapestry of vintages, but the 1986 Domaine de Chevalier finds itself in an echelon of exceptional years. Nestled within the storied region of Bordeaux, Chateau Domaine de Chevalier is synonymous with wines of profound structure and longevity. The 1986 vintage emerges as a testament to the estate's dedication to capturing the essence of both time and terroir.


The Quintessence of 1986: A Vintage in Focus

The year 1986 was marked by climatic battles; an erratic spring gave way to a sizzling summer. Viticulturists kept a vigilant eye on their parcels, ensuring that the extraordinary heat did not undo the potential for greatness. This careful stewardship is evident in the glass – holding within it the whispers of vineyard trials and sun-soaked rewards.

The 1986 Domaine de Chevalier, with its deep garnet hues, carries aromas with precise delineation: blackcurrant suffused with an herbaceous undercurrent; truffles and tobacco hinting at sage complexity that can only be earned with time. As one delves into the palate, the wine unfurls gracefully – tannins that have mellowed yet assert their presence; a fusion of dark fruits laced with oak-spice and a mineral narrative that speaks volumes of its gravelly soils.


Intrinsic Value: Wine Investment Insights

For connoisseurs envisioning cellars as vaults for liquid treasure, the 1986 Domaine de Chevalier presents itself as a compelling canvas for investment. Its stature, coupled with its evocative storytelling through each vintage, makes it one to watch in the market for fine wines from Bordeaux.

In summary, the 1986 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier emanates sophistication and maturity deserving of its lauded vintage year. It deftly encapsulates all that is revered about Bordeaux – birthplace of empyreal vintages – and crowns itself a collectible paragon within Pessac-Léognan's acclaimed anthology. This peculiar alchemy of climate's caprice and vintner's vision has birthed a venerable wine seared into the annals of oenophilic lore – making it a linchpin for discerning palates and astute portfolios alike.

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Tasted at 'The Wheatsheaf' in Combe Hay, the Domaine de Chevalier 1986 was a initially a little 'creaky' and dry upon first pouring. However, given a good slug into the glass and this turns out to be a pleasurable, old school, almost rustic Graves that is probably nearing the end of its drinking plateau. It has a dry, tertiary, undergrowth scented bouquet: autumnal, with dry leaves and very little fruit. The palate is well balanced with dry tannins, a little lean in the mid-palate but still fresh and quite soft and charming towards the finish. Do not approach if you are seeking fruit, but do if you require wine with your rabbit hot pot like myself. Drink now. Tasted April 2012.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2012


This wine has evolved less evenly than I hoped. The attractive nose of roasted earth, herbs, minerals, and red and black fruits is pleasant. In the mouth, the wine reveals unresolved, astringent tannin. Although short in the finish, it is a very good, possibly excellent Domaine de Chevalier that should continue to evolve, and, hopefully, fatten up over the next decade. Anticipated maturity: Now-2012. Last tasted 11/95

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 3rd Edition

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