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1995 Domaine de Chevalier

By Chateau Domaine de Chevalier

The 1995 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier, Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux

The 1995 vintage stands as a testament to the capable hands at Chateau Domaine de Chevalier, known for producing wines of exemplary character in the lauded Pessac-Leognan appellation. It is a year that beckoned forth a structured and overwhelmingly promising canvas for Bordeaux reds, reflecting well upon this noble estate.


Investment-Worthy Sophistication: The 1995 Vintage

As we distil the essence of the 1995 vintage, one perceives a precise equilibrium between poise and power—a hallmark rendered by Mother Nature and manifested superbly by the vintners. Cool nights and warm days towards the end of the season established an environment that culminated in a wine resplendent with ripeness yet punctuated with poignancy. A magnetic melange of deep berry fruits and an intricate terroir-driven complexity anchors this vintage firmly in the frame of investable wines.


A Time Capsule to Delight: Tasting Notes

In tasting, the 1995 Domaine de Chevalier evokes an olfactory tapestry rich in blackcurrant and tobacco wrapped in a veneer of smoky oak, an echo of its dignified ageing in barrels. On the palate, one discovers layers that unfold gracefully, revealing velvety tannins and a refreshing acidity. Dark chocolate hints grace the finish, persisting with elegance long after the final sip.

Now at an apex of maturity, this vintage weaves together a splendid narrative of Pessac-Leognan's hallmark finesse. Investors seeking both pleasure and potential growth will find solace in its current accessibility and future promise.


Closing Thoughts on the 1995 Domaine de Chevalier

To encapsulate, the 1995 Domaine de Chevalier from Chateau Domaine de Chevalier presents itself as a compelling chapter in Bordeaux’s storied winemaking history. A wine of exceptional poise and depth, it stands as one of the triumphs of its era—a contemplative expression of varietal and geographic provenance appealing to connoisseurs and collectors alike. Its state of evolution suggests it being on the cusp of optimal enjoyment while still harbouring potential for those invested in the longevity of fine wine.

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A simple light nose. Simple red fruits lacking any weight or extraction. Medium bodied. Lacks ripeness and body. This is disappointing and should be much better for this vintage. Tasted October 2000.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal


A shockingly high oak component obliterates any attempt at discerning the level of fruit that might be present. Yes, the wine is backward. Yes, it is light-bodied. Yes, the wine hints at having some minerality, but where's the weight, ripeness, and fruit intensity? Last tasted 11/97

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 3rd Edition

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