Chateau Vieux Ch Certan   Vieux Ch Certan

2000 Vieux Ch. Certan

By Chateau Vieux Ch. Certan

2000 Vieux Ch. Certan from Chateau Vieux Ch. Certan, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The millennial vintage from Chateau Vieux Ch. Certan represents a pinnacle of the viticulturist's valiant struggle with nature, where early concerns over variances in weather patterns gave way to triumph in the form of the 2000 Vieux Ch. Certan. This exemplary Pomerol stands as a testament to the fortitude that graces Bordeaux’s right bank, encapsulating the harmonious interaction of climate and terroir.


Millennium Majesty: The Radiance of 2000

Lauded for its early approachability, the 2000 Vieux Ch. Certan arrives with a cornucopia of sensorial depth seldom seen so soon after release. Yet, two decades into its journey, the wine unfurls an enigmatic complexity—one finds oneself seduced by dark plums and firm blackberry notes, gracefully veiled in an iridescent cloak of truffle and tobacco leaves. Notwithstanding, there is a freshness here, a spirited dalliance of red fruit and an undercurrent of minerality which acts as this Pomerol's youthful counterpoint.


An Oenophile's Investment Delight

An astute addition to any serious wine investor’s portfolio, this vintage marries prestige with longevity. The structure is faultlessly Pomerolian—tannins now velveteen but with ample vigour to forecast continued evolution and refinement. As is customary for wines from Chateau Vieux Ch. Certan, superior quality and a generous palate ensure that among peers, this composition sings in perfect pitch.

The 2000 Vieux Ch. Certan challenges the palate with an invigorating tension between maturity and vivacity, predictably positioning itself among the ranks of iconic vintages that resonate profoundly with connoisseurs and collectors alike.


A Sensory Chronicle Worthy of Pomerol

To behold the 2000 Vieux Ch. Certan in your glass is to engage intimately with Pomerol’s narrative—a symphony played out over subtle shifts in climate and bold strokes of vinicultural mastery. This remarkable vintage is a staunch reminder that fine wine not only embodies the whims of its birth year but also the enduring spirit of its birthplace.

In summing up, one cannot help but marvel at how this wine encapsulates the eternal dance between elegance and power so emblematic of Pomerol—a serene yet dynamic expression perfect for both immediate gratification and protracted appreciation in one's cellar.

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This wine possess great beauty, it is almost Burgundian with its soft tannins and sweet fruit. Pure class and finesse in this, it is round and thick, long and very yummy. No need to wait on this, pull the cork. This vintage had more Merlot than the 2000 and you can tell. A subtle wine.

James Suckling -, May 29th 2012


A gorgeous wine of grace, elegance, and power, this youthful 2000 will benefit from another five years of cellaring. It appears to have 25 more years of life ahead of it. A deep ruby/purple color is just beginning to lighten at the edges. The bouquet offers up scents of cedar wood, melted licorice, black currants, blackberries, caramel, and mocha. Medium to full-bodied, elegant, and pure with low acidity as well as formidable tannins in the long finish, the 2000 should rival vintages such as 2005, 2006, and 2009.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2010


Tasted from bottle at Mark Walford's annual lunch at Waterside Inn. Alexandre described 2001 as a 'merlot year' and certainly on the nose the oak is not becoming fully enmeshed. There is plenty of succulent red berry fruit that has a candied sweetness and precocity that is perhaps not the typical character you expect apropos VCC. The palate is medium-bodied with firm tannins lending the '01 a rigid structure and there is certainly superior tension compared to the '02 and lovely tobacco-infused red fruits and spice towards the long finish. This Pomerol appears to be on an upward curve. Tasted May 2013.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2013

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