Domaine Dujac   Clos St Denis

2017 Clos St Denis

By Domaine Dujac

2017 Clos St Denis from Domaine Dujac, Burgundy, France

The revered terroir of Burgundy's Clos St Denis gives birth to some of the most compelling and investment-worthy wines, and the offering from Domaine Dujac is no exception. The 2017 vintage, characterized by its grace under challenging climatic conditions, emerges with a sophisticated profile that both connoisseurs and investors should note.


Rarity and Reward: The Future Looks Bright

In Burgundy, where the symbiosis of climate, soil, and tradition guide the hands of viniculture, the 2017 vintage faced trials that tested the mettle of vignerons. A year marked by spring frost and summer droughts could have spelled disaster. Yet, it was these very struggles that honed the fruits borne by Domaine Dujac's Clos St Denis into complex gems with excellent ageing potential—making 2017 a particularly investible year.


Equilibrious Expression: Unveiling the Vintage’s Character

The 2017 Clos St Denis from Domaine Dujac unveils itself with poised elegance. A still youthful aroma preludes a palate displaying an intricate array of dark cherries and ripe strawberries wrapped in a silken touch of oak—a testament to judicious barrel aging. The vintage's temperament brings forth a vibrant acidity balanced by soft, approachable tannins, suggesting a promising development lying ahead.

On finishing a sip, one is greeted by an ethereal hint of spice mingled with earthy undertones, which together speak of the fabled minerality indigenous to the region.

To the patient investor and collector, I suggest noting how particularly suited this vintage is for those looking for a remarkable accompaniment to their future special occasions or for an addition to diversify their fine wine portfolios. The 2017 Clos St Denis presents an enigmatic blend of immediate charm with latent complexity emerging as years go by—making it a sterling choice from Domaine Dujac's storied catalogue.

As one ruminates over this potable narrative of terroir overcoming adversity, it’s clear the 2017 Clos St Denis will be vividly etched in the annals of Burgundy's vinous legacy—as much for its resilience as its radiant palate profile.

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Soaring from the glass with aromas of raspberries, cherries and blood orange mingled with nuances of peony, raw cocoa, cinnamon and cedar wood, Dujac's 2017 Clos Saint-Denis Grand Cru is full-bodied, velvety and enveloping, its deep core of elegantly concentrated fruit framed by supple and powdery tannins and underpinned by succulent acids. Long, perfumed and defined, this was showing very well indeed from bottle.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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