Domaine Dujac   Clos St Denis

2018 Clos St Denis

By Domaine Dujac

2018 Clos St Denis from Domaine Dujac, Burgundy, France

The revered 2018 Clos St Denis from Domaine Dujac emerges as a paragon of the vintage's virtues in the storied terroir of Burgundy. As connoisseurs will attest, both the appellation and the producer carry the weight of expectation, and I can affirm that this offering not only meets but surpasses these lofty anticipations.


Gauntlet of Mother Nature: A Testament to Resilience

For those attuned to the climatic ballet that is Burgundian viticulture, 2018 was a year marked by Mother Nature's stern tests, crafting a narrative of successful adaptation and meticulous vineyard stewardship at Domaine Dujac. Unyielding rainfall at the season's onset gave way to a scorching summer, laying down the gauntlet for growers. Yet it was amidst these challenges that the 2018 Clos St Denis truly found its voice.

The 2018 iteration harnesses this narrative, delivering an articulate expression of place and time. The perfectly ripened Pinot Noir grapes testify to Domaine Dujac’s tenacious vineyard management and their philosophy of minimal intervention.


Finesse and Elegance: A Vintage Individuality

In the glass, the 2018 vintage offers an enchanting amalgamation of finesse and robustness. The bouquet unfurls with complex layers of dark cherries and ripe strawberries underpinned by whispers of earthy undertones and exotic spices - a characteristic French tapestry of aromas. On the palate, the wine strikes a balance with refined tannins cast against a backdrop of silky red fruit, buoyed by a lively acidity that signals exceptional ageing potential.

An intrinsic synergy between power and elegance marks the palate -- testimony to an extraordinary vintage defined by extreme weather. It's this precise equilibrium that renders the 2018 Clos St Denis an investable collectible for discerning patrons.


Concluding Reflections on Investment Worthiness

Dissecting the myriad elements that stitch together the tapestry of the 2018 Clos St Denis from Domaine Dujac, one discerns not merely a superlative wine but an investment prospect par excellence. The harmony within this bottle epitomises the fortitude and splendour of Burgundy's 2018 vintage in a style only Domaine Dujac can evoke. As such, its enigmatic charm makes it a compelling candidate for both oenophiles and astute fine wine investors alike.

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Dujac's 2018 Clos Saint-Denis Grand Cru is showing especially well, unwinding in the glass with scents of rose petals, sweet red berries, raw cocoa, spices and blood orange. Full-bodied, layered and lively, with an ample core of beautifully pure fruit and velvety structuring tannins, it's a concentrated but precise Clos Saint-Denis that's built for the long haul.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 14 January 2021

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