Gaja   Gaia Rey

1998 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

1998 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

The 1998 Gaia & Rey from Gaja is a glorious symphony of the perfect conditions of Piedmont in '98. The vintage testifies to the tremendous triumph that befell Gaja thanks to an exceptional growing season, which resulted in fruit blessed with both abundant flavour and imposing structure.


Perfect Piedmont and Gaia & Rey’s Signature Grace

Piedmont, renowned for its unique terroir and ideal wine-growing climate that breeds incredibly balanced grapes, received favourable weather in 1998. A timely confluence of sustenance from nature, paired with the well-established winemaking prowess of Gaja, helped craft a vintage worthy of appreciation and investment.

Gaja’s consistent touch of elegance shows through marvelously in this revered Italian Chardonnay. The lean acidity and mineral-driven profile wrap around an opulent core of pervasive stone fruit flavors, creating a marvellous juxtaposition against a subtle foundation of beloved oak.


Resilient Blossoms of 1998, Unveiling the Best

The 1998 growing season was characterized by intense competition between temperature fluctuations and relentless heavy rains leading to limited yields. Yet, it was these very challenges that led to an intimate selection of resilient grapes ripe for Gaia & Rey’s vintage creation.

Back then as today, Gaja's wise respect for nature along with their adherence to traditional and sustainable viticulture ensured premium fine wines from Italy that can enchant even the most discerning oenophile.

The 1998 Gaia & Rey captures this escapade into a bottle, presenting a captivating narrative lush with layers. Crisp pear interlaces whispers of heady vanilla – the kindling whiff of an age-old oak barrel's embrace, fusing every sip with both finesse and complexity.

Characterized by its age-worthy performance and resplendent sophistication, the 1998 Gaia & Rey from Gaja stands as an emblem of prized Italian viticulture, thereby solidifying its stature as one of the coveted collectibles in the sphere of wine investments.

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