Gaja   Gaia Rey

1999 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

1999 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

A seasoned oenophile may declare the 1999 Gaia & Rey from Gaja to be the epitome of Italy's fine white wines, a testament to Angelo Gaja's vision and audacity. The cool year of ‘99 was far from an impediment; rather it enhanced the freshness and vivacity of this now iconic expression.


Intricate Palette, Enduring Appeal

The 1999 Gaia & Rey is a proud ambassador of the Piedmont region, echoing the natural richness and authenticity of its provenance. The marriage between fruitful maturity and youthful tension is masterfully encapsulated in this vintage, oozing vibrant nuances of golden apples, white peaches creamed honey and distinct mineral undertones.

The ageing process has been generous to this wine. Its animated complexity grips you, revealing different layers with each sip and making you yearn for yet another pour.


A Cool Vintage, A True Triumph

The cooler climatic conditions of that year provided the chardonnay grapes a longer ripening season, enhancing their complex aromas and preserving their natural acidity. This climatic trait is key to understand the 1999 Gaia & Rey’s unique mouth-watering vibrancy.

Your wine investment portfolio isn't complete without a celebration of Piedmont's finest. Gaja, after all, redefined Italian winemaking standards and the benchmark they set with Gaia & Rey is unmistakable even today.


Celebrating Terroir Excellence

This 1999 vintage from Gaja captures in elegant fashion the essence of Langhe's sublime terroir. Balance is the keynote here; delectable fruity flavours intertwine with refreshing acidity and mineral nuances, resulting in an awe-inspiring experience on the palate.

In its grandeur, the 1999 Gaia & Rey pays tribute to the artistry of Gaja whilst heralding the future of fine Italian wines. A worthy addition to any serious investor’s collection, it serves as a reminder that great vintages not only stand the test of time but allow us to appreciate the evolution of wine in a bottle.

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