Gaja   Gaia Rey

2000 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

2000 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

Every wine connoisseur knows Gaja, a name that's synonymous with fine wines from Italy. However the 2000 Gaia & Rey, a unique child of the new millennium has carved its own identity in this illustrious lineage.


The heirloom chardonnay

The 2000 Gaia & Rey is a testament to Angelo Gaja's envisioning of non-native varietal's compatibility with Piedmont terroir. A Chardonnay of subtle power - almost an oxymoronic statement, but one which this wine proffers with a surprising yet pleasing conviction.


A distinct vintage

The year 2000 was a vintage that put many old assumptions to rest for fine wine investors and tastemakers alike. An initial bout of excessive rainfall threatened to undermine the season, but was followed by a commendable recovery due to an intensely heated summer.

This weather pattern brought about a ripe but energetic chardonnay, demonstrating luxurious layers intermingling lush fruit flavours with crisp minerality and acidity. The Gaia & Rey navigates this complexity like a symphony conductor, harmonising the notes into an exquisitely balanced whole.


Flavour profile and finish

On the palate, 2000 Gaia & Rey provides an enticing mix of stone fruit and tropical aromas, met with invigorating lemon zest and honeydew. Complementing this is the subliminal oaky charm rendered by the careful barrel aging process.

Although rewarding in its current state with a rich mid-palate feel and persistent finish, this Chardonnay’s real spectacle lies in its continuing potential for complexity and depth, a promise that lends it to be one of the great investments to consider in the realm of Italian fine wines.

Indeed the 2000 Gaia & Rey by Gaja is a sophisticated ensemble. Satisfying and complex, it reminds us that like fine wine itself, the result of patience and perseverance are often the sweetest.

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