Gaja   Gaia Rey

2009 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

2009 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Piemonte, Italy

The lustre of the 2009 Gaia & Rey from Gaja showcases Italy's ability to mould vintage year after vintage year into an episodic tale of enchanting luxury. This veneration is further burnished with every sip of this regal white wine, resonating deeply with collectors and investors alike.


A testament to the power and poise of Italian Chardonnay

A visionary in the Piedmont region of Italy, Angelo Gaja once again unveiled his mastery with the 2009 Gaia & Rey, an intoxicating amalgamation of Golden Delicious apple aromas, Bosc pear notes, and the subtle touches of toasted almond. Every swirl of this wine releases nuances of vibrant honey suckle and sweetened lemon zest against the backdrop of artful oak-barrel ageing.


Finely crafted brilliance, a beacon for Gaja's prowess

In 2009, Gaja harnessed a remarkable vintage – warm yet not too intense, giving birth to opulent grapes bursting with balanced acidity and concentrated flavours. This calibration has culminated into a wine that exhales grace while exhibiting depth, rallying fine wines from Italy to a prestigious pedestal.


A stellar year for Piemonte, a stately year for Gaia & Rey

This robust Chardonnay radiates a bright straw yellow hue hinting at its intensity and complexity. On the palate, it highlights striking mineral qualities coupled with citric undertones that segue seamlessly into a long-lasting finish. This iconic rendition has been delivered by none other than the towering patriarch of Italian wine – Gaja.

The 2009 Gaia & Rey is more than just an epitome of winemaking flair. It is a radiant illustration of how astute investment can lead to delightful dividends, a wise choice for those looking to expand their portfolio with timeless classics.


Rising above the landscape of Italian fine wines, truly, the 2009 Gaia & Rey from Gaja

To invest in the 2009 Gaia & Rey is not merely to purchase a bottle of wine but also to secure a moment from an extraordinary year that transcends the boundaries of taste and aroma. Striking a chord with wine lovers and investors alike, this bottle effortlessly earns its place in any well-curated collection.

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