Gaja   Gaia Rey

2015 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

2015 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Langhe, Italy

The 2015 Gaia & Rey from Gaja showcases the prowess of Piedmont's most respected producer and the beneficence of a year marked by a warm growing season. This white wine's heritage in the Langhe region is unquestionable with each sip revealing a tapestry woven from the finest threads of classic Italian winemaking.


A Testimony to a Vintage

2015 was an illustrious year for fine wines from Italy's vine-studded Langhe hills, promising profound fruit concentration and fine acidity balance. Both elements found an immaculate equilibrium in 2015 Gaia & Rey. This offering captures the meaning of a special vintage with its fulsome aromatics, buttery textures, and signature minerality.

The 2015 vintage brought to the fore Gaja's intimate understanding of their estate vineyards' unique terroir. The winemaking can portray Chardonnay’s opulence without burying it under a mountain of oak, a difficult feat achieved marvelously in this release.


Unpacking Palo Blanco

Palo Blanco, the iconic vineyard where Gaja cultivated Chardonnay vines in 1979, bore fruit that exhibited exceptional character in 2015. It reveals a radiate bouquet of white flower, ripe apple and pear interlaced with tantalizing hints of honeycomb and toasted hazelnut. On the palate, it sings with precision acidity, lending an astounding freshness to the vibrant fruity flavors it carries.


Distinguishing Marks of an Investment Prospect

Investment-wise, esteemed Italian producers like Gaja consistently deliver quality and value for discerning collectors and investors. The 2015 Gaia & Rey undoubtedly exhibits the unmistakable criteria of a splendid investment opportunity. Its capacity for age and the harmony it draws from vintage idiosyncrasies make it an invaluable asset to any wine portfolio.

Summarily, 2015 Gaia & Rey from Gaja distinctly encapsulates the unique fingerprint of the Langhe region and an undoubtedly rewarding year. It stands as a testimony to Gaja's winemaking brilliance, earning its spot among standout collectibles from Italy's commanding repository of fine wine vintages.

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From a hot vintage, the 2015 Langhe Gaia & Rey shows similar excellence as presented in the 2013 vintage, although its attributes are different. That wine was direct and linear reflecting the cooler summer months. This wine, however, promises to be more tonic, sharp and focused despite the warmer growing season. This pure expression of Chardonnay is made in a more reductive style in order to highlight that nervous and bright vein at the back. The winery is switching over to older barrique (some as old as a decade) and botte grande to allow for less oxygen in winemaking. The wine opens to aromas of Golden Delicious apple, white peach, wild sage, ginger and honey. This white wine shows enormous potential for further aromatic development and intensity.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 June 2017

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