Gaja   Gaia Rey

2017 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

2017 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Langhe, Italy

Abounding with intriguing complexity, the 2017 Gaia & Rey from Gaja elicits a sterling response in the realms of refined palates. This liquid charmer originates from Langhe, a critically-acclaimed subregion of Piedmont, renowned for its exceptional terroirs and climatic conditions that cultivate some of the finest wines in Italy. The 2017 vintage distinguishes itself within its lineage - a standout with bold character where nuances take shape.


Drawing Distinctiveness from the Dramas of Climate

The climatic challenges faced during the 2017 growing season shaped the essence of this remarkable Chardonnay. A year marked by contrasting weather – an unusually warm, dry conclusion to winter and frosty chills in spring, followed by sweltering summer temperatures gave effect to a reduced crop yet intensified flavours. Despite the elements battling against them, Gaja’s refined vineyard management techniques ensured that the quality remained impeccable.


Inspired Flavours Mirroring its Storied Origins

The 2017 Gaia & Rey is eloquent testimony to Gaja's distinction in winemaking. It caresses the senses with enthralling layers of citrus-fresh lemon peels and ripe tropical fruits that give way to flinty minerality and delicate vanilla tones underneath - a whisper from the elegant oak maturation. The balanced acidity introduces an operatic tension on the palate, culminating in a prolonged aftertaste which leaves traces of almond blossom.

Complexity stemming from nature’s caprices makes the 2017 Gaia & Rey both an undeniably unique vintage and a significant addition to any wine investment portfolio exploring the charm of Italian finesse.


Investing in a Captivating Vintage

The distinctive essence and ageing potential of the 2017 Gaia & Rey creates an irresistible allure for connoisseurs and wine investors alike. This vintage, rich in style and alight with potential, has all the prerequisites to reach admirable heights of maturation. For those seeking rarity in character and diversity in their collection, this edition skillfully contributes to a well-rounded repertoire of fine wines from Italy.

This wine tells a compelling story – both about its own journey from vine to bottle under uniquely challenging conditions, and the visionary talent of Gaja continuing to craft unrivalled Italian Chardonnays. The 2017 Gaia & Rey is a poignant testament that great winemaking strides confidently towards the future, even as it respectfully nods to its past.

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This wine was first made in 1983, and back then, no malolactic fermentation occurred. Jump forward in time to the 2017 Langhe Gaia & Rey, and this is another vintage in which malo did not start. (Partial malolactic returns in 2018). Since those first years of production, the oak usage has also been tweaked, now with less barrique in favor of more botte grande. Thanks to these changes, the aromatic profile of this wine veers toward citrus and rich tropical fruit, especially in a warm vintage such as this. However counterintuitive, this edition also shows a very bright and precise touch of acidity that serves to give the wine balanced and mouth-cleansing salinity.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2019

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