Gaja   Gaia Rey

2018 Gaia & Rey

By Gaja

2018 Gaia & Rey from Gaja, Italy

In the pantheon of Italian white wines, the 2018 Gaia & Rey from Gaja holds a prestigious position. As one of Italy's premier wine producers, Gaja has consistently delivered extraordinary expressions of Italian viticulture and the 2018 vintage is no exception.


A Symphony of Taste: Uniqueness of the 2018 Vintage

The 2018 rendition of Gaia & Rey is noteworthy for its vibrant, mineral-driven structure imparted by the unique climatic conditions of that year. An even-tempered spring followed by an exceptionally warm summer ensured perfect ripening of the chardonnay grapes, yielding a wine with magnificent balance and acidity. Creamy pear and meyer lemon notes are interlaced with almond and flint undertones; a testament to Gaja’s mastery over their vineyards.

Some fine wines from Italy often take time to fully express their aromatic complexity. However, the 2018 Gaia & Rey captivates from the get-go with peach blossom aroma gracing an assertive mineral core reminiscent of wet pebbles.


An Investment in Italian Excellence

For investors with an eye for longevity, the 2018 Gaia & Rey presents a robust opportunity. It possesses an impressive ageing potential, its flavour profile promising to evolve intriguingly over the next decade. Canny collectors understand that time can lend an enriching layer to this already complex wine's narrative and appeal.

In conclusion, the sublime equilibrium between fruit purity and mineral crispness sets the 2018 Gaia & Rey from Gaja apart. The year's climatic conditions have gifted us a captivating symphony of flavors: creamy fruit notes are perfectly complemented by a piercing minerality, creating an investable Italian delight.

Crafted by Gaja's relentless pursuit of excellence and reacting beautifully to the blessings and challenges that the year presented, the 2018 Gaia & Rey is a testament to the inherent potential and versatility of fine wines from Italy. It's an investment piece worth every sip.

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The Gaja 2018 Langhe Gaia & Rey is a beautifully pure Piemontese expression of Chardonnay. It opens to a light gold/straw color with brilliant luminosity. This vintage is delicate but determined, powerful but fragile all at the same time. The bouquet is shy to start off and requires (at this young stage when I tasted the wine) ample time to aerate. Once it unwinds, the wine offers fresh citrus, orchard fruit, toasted almond and spice. Only partial malolactic fermentation is completed, so the wine's energy and inner nerve is very much intact. Flint and mineral play important supporting roles. Some 16,000 bottles were made.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 23 July 2020

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