Tua Rita   Redigaffi

2017 Redigaffi

By Tua Rita

2017 Redigaffi from Tua Rita, {{SubRegion}}

The 2017 vintage has proven to be an exceptional one for Tua Rita, resulting in a year that carries an indelible imprint of their careful craftsmanship and unparalleled savoir-faire. Notably, it is the illustrious 2017 Redigaffi that stands proudly poised as an inviting choice for discerning fine wine connoisseurs, managing to boldly harness the unique climatic nuances of that year.


Matured Mastery, a hallmark of investment potential

Grown on the gentle Tuscan slopes under the watchful eye of Tua Rita's dedicated team, the 2017 Redigaffi emerged amid a year marked by moderated weather conditions. The relatively benign climate provided for slow maturation of fruit, inviting richness and depth into this wine.

The perfectly ripened grapes crafted a composition dominated by profound notes of black cherry and ripe plums. With progression in the glass, subtle hints of fragrant violets and savoury spices gracefully underlie this heady Italian tableau and seep into the drinker's consciousness.


Calming Climes, captivating tastes

The temperate growing season culminated in carefully paced harvest, giving winemakers ample opportunity to encapsulate these rich flavours within enticing layers of supple tannins. Well-integrated oak treatment has yielded a wine boasting resplendent mocha undertones, totalling an elegantly balanced expression of fine wines from Italy.

A precision-cut balance between robust Merlot fruit and Tuscan terroir's stoic minerals reflects in 2017 Redigaffi's intricate layers. This intimate dance between fruit and earth cements its candidate status for long-term cellaring and thus making it an interesting prospect in the sphere of wine investment.

Ultimately, the standout success of 2017 Redigaffi lies not just within its striking depth, but also its poised ageability. It serves as an uncompromising testament to Tua Rita's distinguished crafting capabilities, reflecting both the unique influence of 2017's climate and a continuing tradition of viticultural excellence. The 2017 offering undoubtedly consolidates Tua Rita's reputation as one of the crown gems of Italian wine production, it is indeed a star in the constellation of fine wines from Italy.

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The 2017 Redigaffi has a few surprises up its sleeve, the most unexpected of which are those floral aromas of rose and lavender that lift so gently from the bouquet. These are absolutely counterintuitive given the heat and power of this vintage. This Redigaffi is a delicate wine in terms of its aromatic display despite the density and extract that is delivered to the palate. It carries a touch of bitterness or tannic dryness on the close to go along with its 15.5% alcohol content. The mouthfeel is tight, focused and sharp. This is a really beautiful and interesting Merlot that skirts around the hot vintage, yet it ultimately leaves you with marked determination and bold fruit flavors.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2019

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