Tua Rita   Redigaffi

2018 Redigaffi

By Tua Rita

Expert Review of 2018 Redigaffi from Tua Rita

A new exciting chapter in the saga of fine wines from Italy, the 2018 Redigaffi from Tua Rita is a thrilling revelation. The brilliance and expertise of Tua Rita, the winemaker that has catapulted the Tuscan region to international acclaim, are beautifully encapsulated within every sip of this meritorious vintage.


A Fine year for Reflection

In the realm of Italian tastemakers, 2018 was a remarkable year. The climatic conditions were quite generous, granting us a vintage endowed with subtlety and grace. Tua Rita navigated these conditions with skill and imagination, spawning an expression that echoes this noble terroir in each sip.


Dark Allure of the 2018 Redigaffi

The 2018 Redigaffi rolls in like a Tuscan thunderstorm brandishing its captivating personality. It's an opulent presentation of the Merlot grape, cloaked in vivid black cherry and plum hues while bearing tantalizing notes of sweet spices signaling an autumn harvest. In comparison to prior vintages, its deft execution leaves no question as to why this wine has been earmarked as one of the Super Tuscans worth investing in by discerning connoisseurs worldwide.


The Investment Potential

The decade ahead bristles with optimism for this vintage. It's not simply another wine; it is a testament to winemaking prowess that serves more than just an evening's pleasure. It holds an appreciable potential for growth that marries perfectly with the adventurous wine investor. It also represents a crucial part of any well-rounded portfolio purely in terms of diversification. Italy’s wine market has proven resilient and valuable, with Tua Rita consistently producing top-tier wines that perform both in terms of quality and investment profitability.


2018 Redigaffi - a Testament to Balancing Terroir and Technique

In summary, the 2018 Redigaffi from Tua Rita is a marvellous testament of the possibility of harmonising terroir with technique. This vintage reminds us not only of the versatility of Merlot as a grape but also of the Tuscan region’s enduring reputation as one of Italy's premier, wine producing regions. Imprinted with notes from mother nature herself, this fine wine holds much promise for those who understand the bountiful rewards that patience and well-timed investment can reap. For every connoisseur focusing on investments and adhering to the call of fine wines from Italy, the 2018 Redigaffi from Tua Rita remains an attractive and uncommonly rewarding choice.

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I tasted this wine a few months ago before it was bottled. Coming back to the 2018 Redigaffi now cements the very favorable impression made by this current release. Old-vine Merlot imparts rich and thick density with a beautiful bouquet of dark fruit, black cherry, cedar, spice and light mahogany smoke. What I notice most about the wine now is the delicate balance of the mouthfeel. You get ample power here. Redigaffi is always distinguished by its compelling intensity, but the wine remains elegant and lithe nonetheless. I would expect it to evolve beautifully with many soft and shifting incarnations along the way.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 14 January 2021

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